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Published:March 4th, 2014 15:18 EST

Boy, 10, Suspended for Pointing Finger Like Gun

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An elementary school principal suspended a 10-year-old boy for three days after the student pointed his finger like it was a gun and pretended to shoot one of his classmates.


District spokesman Jeff Warner said Nathan Entingh put his  `lookalike firearm` against the other student`s head `execution style.`"


Nathan was surprised by his suspension; he insists he was " just playing around." Nathan doesn`t understand the new paradigm wherein innocent child play is considered politically-incorrect aberrant behavior.

If Nathan had flipped off a girl would he have been accused of attempted rape? If he had thrown an imaginary bomb and yelled " boom" would he have been suspended for possessing a weapon of mass destruction? If he had pretended that his desk was a car and he yelled "vroom" would he have been arrested for driving without a license? If he had sucked on his pencil pretending it was a cigarette would he have been sent to the principal`s office for smoking?

Enough with this politically-correct zero tolerance tomfoolery. I would like to take a real bat, not an imaginary one, and beat some sense into the school principal.

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