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Published:March 7th, 2014 11:00 EST
Is the 'Secession Movement' In Crimea Grass-Roots, Or Is It a Plant By The Russian Federation?

Is the 'Secession Movement' In Crimea Grass-Roots, Or Is It a Plant By The Russian Federation?

By John G. Kays

Is the so called Secession Movement in Crimea legitimate, or is it simply a fabrication provoked by the Russian Federation? Are the Russians placing their own people in Crimea, both on the street in staged rallies and in key political positions, in order to promote this supposed grass-roots secession (from Ukraine over to Russia)? 

Chris Hayes from MSNBC had a good report last night, documenting how Vladimir Putin and the Russians are trying to manipulate the situation in Crimea by inserting their own people in there; I haven`t seen a print news article that confirms this yet, however, but the reporting looked credible.

And what about the vote yesterday by Crimea`s regional assembly to secede from Ukraine and to conduct a referendum on March 16, which would supposedly be the voice of the people, (most likely) endorsing their outrageous (and illegal) proposal? 

Naturally, the Russian Parliament is backing up their cooked-up plot; but who are the people who sit on the Crimean regional assembly? Are they Russian plants? Some canny reporters please, what are their names, where do they come from, or what are their backgrounds?

Would a referendum be legitimate? Crimea has been a part of Ukraine since 1954; the interim president of Ukraine, Oleksandr V. Turchynov, has said such a referendum is invalid, and also points out that the Crimean Parliament should be dissolved. Barack Obama and the U.S. are recognizing this new Ukrainian government, and stating the slated referendum for March 16th is illegal, since it`s contrary to the Ukrainian Constitution; this is the position of the European Union as well. 

One suspects that this invasion is mostly motivated by economics, but it looks like it`s going to backfire on Putin; he`ll probably have to order the troops back to their bases. The Soviet Union is over with, and will never return to its former glory; the world is different now and won`t allow for such a rigid political structure.

Sources: The New York Times - Moscow Signals It Will Embrace Crimean Move for Secession, BBC News - Crimea vote will not be recognised, and MSNBC Chris Hayes.