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Published:March 10th, 2014 15:27 EST
Speeding Asteroid Zooms by Earth

Speeding Asteroid Zooms by Earth

By Ron G Anselm

"As you glide down towards the ground free falling like a bird without wings, you suddenly feel a jolt and hear a loud crack that sends your stomach through your mouth; you look up and say in a loud yell, Oh Crap!  As you see your bungee cord that was in perfect condition a minute ago before you hailed off the side of the cliff is now in two pieces dangling as free as an ex-con just out of prison. Your mind then clicks into the Ahhhh Pooop! Mode as you now focus on putting your head between your legs ready to kiss your behind goodbye." (Anselm, R.)

And this is exactly what could have happened to everyone here on Earth yesterday afternoon, not the over dramatic thesis statement I just made up as I impromptu this article but as the asteroid known as DX110 whizzed by us at a whopping 33,000 miles an hour. I think I felt a slight breeze blow by me around 3:00 pm yesterday afternoon. That was the time NASA predicted the speeding asteroid to screech by us.

It`s really not the speed of the asteroid that boggles my mind but how close it really was to Earth. As each one of you sat in your offices or cubicles, putting up with that over bearing boss of yours and those annoying co-workers; DX110 was right outside your office window as it passed by us closer than the moon is to us. NASA has measured the asteroid to have passed about 217,000 miles away from us, about the distance I drive to work every day or it seems to me to be that long, on those long redneck highways and out in no man`s land boonies.

Now, don`t get your panties in an uproar and get paranoid and go run and look out the window every ten minutes trying to catch another approaching asteroid coming at us like a dart ready to hit the bulls eye; NASA predicted the DX110 asteroid had only a one in 10,000,000 chance of hitting Earth.

Those are about the same odds as you and I buying our Friday night lottery ticket and becoming an instant millionaire on Saturday morning. The odds are against us when it comes to hitting the lottery and for us when a rogue asteroid had only that chance and those odds in making a bull`s eye on Earth.

There have been other smaller asteroids over the past year or so that have sped by Earth closer than the DX110 asteroid was. Lindley Johnson who works out of NASA`s Planetary Science department commented on this by saying,  "In the last year, 21 small asteroids ranging in size from 1 to 30 meters (3 to 98 feet) have come closer to Earth than DX110 did."  (Johnson, L.)

With those one in 10,000,000 odds that the DX110 asteroid missed us don`t totally relax just yet. NASA is predicting a larger asteroid named 2014 CU13 to once again whizz by Earth on March 9th. Not sure how close NASA is predicting this asteroid to come to Earth but I guess if you are sitting in your backyard watching your sprinklers do all the work on watering your back lawn and suddenly you hear a loud boom and feel a hard jolt then you know that this asteroid had better aim than the DX110 asteroid did and it did hit the bull eye by impacting our planet. Hopefully this does not happen.



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