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Published:March 11th, 2014 12:38 EST

Lux the Cat Holds Family Hostage! Frantic Parents Call 911! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A 22-pound cat went on a spree last night first scratching the baby, then attacking the rest of the family ... he trapped the family in a back room."
This is Lux. Yes, he weighs 22 lbs - pretty big for a pet cat. The Oregonian reports the chaos started when Teresa Barker`s son pulled Lux`s tail. The ferocious feline, as police are calling it, then attacked baby Jesse, scratching his head.

Parker`s boyfriend and Jesse`s father, Lee Palmer, stepped in at that point - kicking the cat away from the baby. And that`s when Lux went wild, forcing Palmer to call 911.



This incredible ordeal started when the baby tugged on the poor cat`s tail. A feline, whether he`s a 22-pound behemoth or a one pound kitten, can stand only so much provocation. Lux acted appropriately in scratching the mischievous and meddlesome baby.

The parents are to blame, they should have trained their child not to  harass Lux. Small children and pets can coexist, but only if the parents teach their children to treat all animals with respect.

When Lux scratched the baby for pulling his tail, the father responding by kicking the cat instead of swatting the baby`s behind.

Lux had his tail yanked by a mischievous child and then he was kicked by an adult, of course the hapless creature went postal.

The clueless parents locked themselves inside a bedroom with their wicked child and their cowardly pooch when they called for help.

The father should have been arrested for animal cruelty, and Lux should be placed in a home where there are no ferocious tots.

We all know who the pus** is in this story, and it ain`t Lux the cat!

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