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Published:March 12th, 2014 12:51 EST

Target's Epic Photoshop Fail! Boycott Target! Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Target is currently leading the pack of recent Photoshop fails, after The Ethical Adman and other bloggers noticed that the retailer had managed to crop the crotch out of a model`s bikini photo."



With Target facing a consumer backlash after their epic security breach, the last thing the giant retailer needed was more bad publicity.

Target`s epic Photoshop fail boggles the mind, a toddler high on LSD, marijuana and meth could have done a better job digitally manipulating the image of this teen model.

Why is Target photoshopping a teen girl to make her appear thinner, young girls already have body image problems as it is.

I guess It`s considered uncool for a young woman wearing a bikini to have her thighs meet, so to create a gap between this young girl`s thighs the Target photographic genius simply cropped out a piece of her crotch. The bastard also took off a chunk of her torso underneath the elbow -- all for a slimming effect.

Target has apologized and removed the offensive images from their Web site, but it`s too little too late. If you don`t want your identity to be stolen, and your young daughter`s fragile psyche to be irreparably harmed: Boycott Target!

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