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Published:March 14th, 2014 17:01 EST
Judyth Piazza Interviews June Rochelle on The American Perspective

Judyth Piazza Interviews June Rochelle on The American Perspective

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

On her soulful and sultry new single, June Rochelle offers an empowering message for those who think perhaps that hope has abandoned them for good -- a compelling R&B/urban jazz styled reminder that while it may hide as we experience life`s darker moments, truly, if we let it, Love Is Here To Stay. "

The song`s lyrics reveal the singer`s personal truth in a clever way that rings universal: I thought I lost It "I thought that I had chased you away, but I see you`ve been following me everywhere that I go/Love is Here To Stay "and you can`t chase it, chase it away " " After letting the anger go, she sings Love`s enticing/So Inviting/And I don`t have to search, and try to find it anymore/Love is knocking at my door. "

Headlining hundreds of shows before thousands of people and singing onstage over the years with some of the premier female vocal legends of our time (Diana Ross, Yolanda Adams, & Celine Dion), the versatile singer, songwriter and performer has mastered the art of the magical moment, using her powerful yet smooth voice to engage the emotions of audiences across the country. Tony Cummings of the UK`s Cross Rhythm Magazine called her one of the classiest new soul divas to emerge in recent times, " and Clarence Waldron, former Senior Editor of JET Magazine wrote during her inspirational music days, June Rochelle is helping make gospel music last. "

June has toured in The Life Story of Marvin Gaye " musical (playing the late singer`s wife Anna Gordy Gaye), opened for contemporary jazz singer/guitarist Jonathan Butler, Yolanda Adams and performed for over 500,000 people in her hometown of Indianapolis " and countless more troops watching the broadcast in Afghanistan - as part of ABC`s TV special Circle of Lights ". In recent years, she has performed extensively for numerous charitable organizations, including the American Cancer Society among others.

A talented TV producer, director, media content editor, graphic artist and animator, June is also a multi-media force behind the scenes, hosting the community based talk show Joy In Our Town " on TBN`s affiliate station WCLJ (reaching 1.5 million viewers in the Great Lakes Region); serving as consultant and Executive producer of the upcoming feature film Death of a Butterfly "; and producing the popular Learn the Word TV series, " a variety show aimed at elevating the lives and education of urban youth, including teachable moments about character and important themes.

But all of the multi-talented force of nature`s previous accolades, including a discography of three well received full length albums and a track ( For All the Love ") that hit the Billboard Hot Gospel chart, are simply preludes to the release of Love Is Here To Stay " " a life changing song (for both June and her listeners) which is paving the way for a new full length album to be released later this year.

In the years since the 2010 release of her third recording Play This, an eclectic set that featured everything from R&B and neo-soul to gospel, rap and rock, June, a devoted mother of three, experienced a challenging time of heartbreak and intense emotional upheaval. Collaborating with award winning producer, songwriter and musician Michael Houston, she emerged from her sorrow with renewed vision and purpose " and, as she eloquently says, poured my whole being into this song because it`s about love and we all need love. "

June, who launched her recording career with her highly acclaimed 2006 debut album Changing Places, adds, The common denominator we all share is that people want to be loved. When you face rejection, you think you will never be loved again. But no matter what you do or go through, love will find you again if you believe. Open your heart and love will be there. Even if the person you used to love walked out the door, you can love again. It`s waiting for you. "Love Is Here To Stay` is about me starting fresh in my own life and writing things that I feel and believe so many people can relate to. "  

The power of Love Is Here To Stay " and the resulting collaboration between June and Houston is all the more incredible considering that they have only been working together since they reconnected last November. The two have a music chemistry that is undeniable and the lyrics and the music to Love is Here to Stay " is masterfully written, produced and arranged by Rochelle and Houston. 

Seeking to get back to the power of music " and move ahead with her solo career, she knew it was imperative that she work only talented and experienced industry veterans who knew their craft. Houston, who lives and runs his studio in nearby Noblesville, came to her remembrance and she re-connected with him through social media. They caught up in person at a high fashion mall, and in no time she sent him a digital file of her reciting the words she had come up with for Love Is Here To Stay. " A few weeks later, he got back to her with a melody that was solid " but her initial vocal took it to so many unexpected transcendent places that he was inspired to make it even stronger. He also added his stellar, jazzy piano work to complement the emotion of her vocals. Within a few weeks, the song was finished and ready to conquer the world.

Like any super creative artist whose talents take her in any number of directions, June has experienced her share of incredible highs and lows throughout her career. But she credits the legendary diva and singer Diana Ross for inspiring her to always be prepared to embrace the next big moment that could come unexpectedly and change the course of her life. A major turning point for me as a singer was a very hot day in August, before a show at a Verizon Wireless theatre, where I would be a backup singer for Ross as she performed for 10,000 fans, " June says. My mom had always told me to be ready for any opportunity putting my best foot forward, so I dressed up for rehearsal as if it were show time. Diana came out onstage, wearing her black leotard, hair blowing in the wind. She walked past the other singers there, looked at me and said, "You can sing!`

She asked me if I could learn the song "Only Love` and she would hand me the mic and requested me to vamp and solo in the song, " she adds. So there I was, this back-up singer, dressed to perform at rehearsal, ready for anything, and she chooses me to share the stage with her. I never forgot that. Since then, almost every time I do a live show, I call someone out of the audience to come onstage to give that person the same opportunity Diana gave me. For me, it`s not about getting up there and feeling the adoration of the crowd from a distance. That`s not what I am there for. I want to interact with the crowd and engage and entertain them like they are friends and family and share my passion of the love of music with them. When I`m onstage, that`s truly the place I feel, without a doubt, that "Love Is Here To Stay. "    

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