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Published:March 15th, 2014 13:56 EST
The Inventor of "The Swiper" Angelo Gotsis Appears on The American Perspective

The Inventor of "The Swiper" Angelo Gotsis Appears on The American Perspective

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

All-In-1-Products looks to Crowdfund the Swiper Cutting Board "

Anti-Bacteria All In One Cutting Board


The name says it all.  The Swiper Cutting Board is an all-in-one-product that will allow you to prepare your meals quickly, efficiently and safely.  When your time is in demand and if cleanliness is important to you when cooking, the Swiper Cutting Board is the kitchen helper that can get it done.


Swiper Cutting Board is the first all-in-one product for your kitchen that includes an attached knife sharpener to keep your knives working like new.  No longer will your knives be dull or will you have to go looking for a sharpener.  The Swiper Cutting Board also includes a spatula (squeegee) made from a hard silicon material, which will provide you with a reliable and sturdy grip while cleaning.  Moreover, inside the spatula, there is a built-in food chopper that will make prepping your favorite foods fast, easy and already in the palm of your hands.

The creator of The Swiper Cutting Board, Mr. Angelo Gotsis said, " As a chef, I created the idea of this board as a way of keeping my cooking area clean and more efficient.  Everyone who cooks could use a way to save time in the kitchen and gain time for everything else we have to do each day."




The cutting board comes complete with built-in drawers on its sides to make swiping " away unwanted liquids and food solids, fast and simple.  It is constructed with durable, non-porous, odor-resistant polypropylene , which is easy to clean and small enough to store.  The Swiper Cutting Board is BPA Free, Dishwasher safe and Anti-Bacterial.  Triclosan an anti-bacterial agent has been bonded into the surface of the Swiper cutting board. You are safe with The Swiper cutting board! No worries of critters making homes on your cutting board.


Coming soon, Angelo Gotsis will be launching a crowd funding campaign on to help provide the seed to launch the Swiper Cutting Board to the world.  He has received critical acclaim from various chefs in the restaurant industry.  Gotsis has also received positive reviews from the people he hopes his Swipe Board will help " those who love to cook.


Gotsis asked for you to join him as he looks for support to grow his crowd before he launches his crowdfunding campaign. Show him support and your interest for The Swiper  Cutting Board by visiting: , liking him on Facebook and following him on Twitter.


To learn more about The Swiper Cutting Board by All-In-1-Products and to receive more information aobut the Crowdfunding campaign, please visit