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Published:March 17th, 2014 18:12 EST
Baseball - A Game of Fun, Strategy and Luck

Baseball - A Game of Fun, Strategy and Luck

By SOP newswire2

From the Author Ron G. Anselm comes a new and exciting way to look at the complete history of Major League baseball. His latest release titled, "Our Grand Ol` National Past Time: A Brief History of Major League Baseball" will give the sports fan or just anyone in general who loves to read a new perspective view on how to look at our national past time, Major League baseball and at the same time give the reader a fun and inspirational history lesson.

You can order your copy now, go to Ron Anselm`s website at (, click on the page  "About the Book" then on the right side of the page click on "Buy the Book" that will take you to Tate Publishing`s website then just add it to your cart.

It`s that simple and you will be glad you did. You can also go directly to Tate Publishing`s website at ( to also buy your copy. It is not just for the sports fan or baseball lover`s out there but for anyone who loves books and loves to read about anything and everything and learn about new things.

Making it to the major leagues was difficult. Staying there was even harder. Playing as long as I did required God-given skill, persistence, people believing in me, and a lot of luck. Looking back, I didn`t have a long-range plan for a twenty-two-year career. It just happened. I did it by doing what needed to be done everyday. And that included the offseason. If you play long enough, there`ll be good days, bad days, and some days that don`t seem to make an impact either way. [However], all days are good. To appreciate the joy of being the best, you have to experience disappointment...Just because someone is an extraordinary athlete doesn`t mean they`re an extraordinary person. So, if you`re looking for a role model, be a role model."  Jerry Reuss Pitcher, Los Angeles Dodgers, 1969-1990 The game of baseball is really like the essence of life. It is full of history, memorable moments, and fun. The game of baseball is taken seriously by fans, as if the game was their life, and to most who love sports, it is. Our Grand Ol` National Pastime is full of the most incredible and prolific events in the history of Major League baseball and focuses on each piece of the complete game, in an informative, fun, and inspirational way. You will find that Our Grand Ol` National Pastime is, as the old saying goes, baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie.