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Published:March 17th, 2014 12:17 EST

Dude Googles His Name, Finds His Mugshot, Turns Himself In: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A California man is in jail after apparently Googling his name and finding out he was on the most wanted website.


Some people say we`re on an ego trip when we do this. Here`s one ego trip that went bad. That`s Christopher Viatafa. He actually turned himself in.

So when he found his name and mugshot posted on the San Francisco Bay Area website, he turned himself from wanted fugitive into captured fugitive."


Let`s face it, we all Google our own names, for many reasons, but primarily out of vanity.

When I Google myself I never know what kind of dirt I will uncover. I`m not a nefarious character but I am a controversial blogger, and I often scrape a lot of raw nerves.

I always pay my taxes on time, and I`ve never had any interactions with the criminal justice system, I`m quite confident I won`t find my mugshot online.

This character discovered there was a warrant for his arrest. Police claim that he fired a gun into the ground several times during a party back in August, the shots didn`t hit anyone.

OK, it`s plausible this dude was caught by surprise when he saw his mugshot online, who the hell remembers what he did during a drunken party several months ago?

The important thing is he did the right thing by turning himself in.

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