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Published:March 17th, 2014 12:32 EST

Three-Year-Old Brainiac Saves Pregnant Mom's Life: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Tiffany Lynch, Aryanna`s mother, explained to The Patriot Ledger that she started to get really dizzy (thanks to a nasty stomach flu that had her wrapped around a toilet). The next thing she remembers were the EMTs in her house cutting off her clothes.


When Aryanna realized that her mama wasn`t waking up, she sprang into action. She grabbed her mom`s smartphone, cracked the password (crazy, I know!), managed to go through the cell phone`s address book and call Tiffany`s cousin, Kristine Munnis (a.k.a."auntie"). Believe it or not, Aryanna only knew that this was the correct number because she recognized the snapshot next to the name!"

What to Expect

Imagine you`re an 8-month pregnant Mom, and you`re hugging the toilet, retching your guts out, about to pass out, and the only ones home with you are your daughters ages two and three.

The predicament seems hopeless...

But not if your three-year-old daughter Aryanna is a tech-savvy genius. When my Smartphone rings I pause a couple of seconds before I remember how to answer the damn thing.

This brainiac tot cracked her Mom`s password, searched the address book, found her Auntie`s number, and left a coherent message on the voice mail: Mommy is sick, and we need you to call an ambulance.

Where was the clueless dad you may wonder? Dad was in the hospital, he drove himself to E.R., and he was suffering from the same nasty virus.

Congratulations to the parents, they raised a smart and heroic child. Aryanna was honored by the Weymouth, Police Department for saving her mother`s life.

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