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Published:March 18th, 2014 15:29 EST
Could There be Other Factors Involved in the Case of Missing Malaysia Airline Flight MH370?

Could There be Other Factors Involved in the Case of Missing Malaysia Airline Flight MH370?

By Ron G Anselm

I don`t know if there could be other factors involved in the case of missing Malaysia Airline flight MH370 but given the news reports about what very well could have happened is not the norm when a plane has come up missing in the past and this is not the first instance of any plane coming up missing.

In fact there have been other planes in the past that have disappeared mysteriously but also the mystery was solved about them when debris and other wreckage was eventually found but it took forever to find that debris and wrecking from those past crashes.

Normally if a plane comes up missing  with the new age of technology that consist of radar, radio traffic and other technology most likely debris and other things are found quickly that solve the reasoning for the crash. In some instances of planes that have disappeared it may take days or weeks to even find the first clues of a crash if that plane went down in the open ocean or over rugged terrain. Since the dawn of jets in aviation which first happened in 1958, six other planes have gone down mysteriously and not all of the six planes were jet liners.

One of the latest mysteries happened in 2009 when Air France Flight 447 plunged into the Atlantic Ocean killing all 228 passengers onboard. Debris from that crash was surfacing within days but it took over two years to find the main parts of the crash. Most of the time when a plane plunges into the open ocean it takes longer to find the main parts of the wreckage which normally end up on the ocean floor.

It takes salvage crews time to find the location of the crash and then be able to use special equipment`s to reach the bottom of the ocean`s floor and then find the wreckage, recover it and bring it back for investigation.

Another crash that left aviation experts scratching their heads as to why the plane went down was an Indonesian Airline Boeing 737 flight that just vanished into thin air back in 2007. Some of the wreckage which consisted of items from the tail and other debris were finally found within days but it took almost nine months for the flight-data and the cockpit recorders to be found and recovered. Parts of the plane including the fuselage are still sitting on the Ocean floor.

 One flight that boggled everyone and is still a mystery because it was never found was a flight operated by an Indonesia based airline went down while flying over open water between two islands in the Archipelago Nation. The De Havilland Twin Otter 300 had 14 passengers and crew onboard when it went down.

In 1990, a Miami bound Boeing 727 which was owned by a Peruvian airline went down somewhere over the North Atlantic Ocean after it ran out of fuel. There were 18 airline employees with their relatives onboard. The plane or the wreckage of it was never found and remain a mystery where it is today.

Another crash known to this day as the Andes Tragedy " happened in 1972 when a Fairchild FH-227 Turboprop carrying a rugby team crashed in the Andes Mountains. More than a dozen passengers died in the crash. The survivors were eventually rescued or ended-up hiking out of the Andes Mountains to find help but while waiting to be rescued most of the survivors resulted to cannibalism. This is a well-known documented instance in history because there have been books, documentaries and movies featured about this crash.

Another crash happened during Vietnam in 1962 when  a Lockheed L-1049H Super Constellation propeller plane which was chartered and flown by the United States military did not arrive at its schedule destination in route to Vietnam. It had 107 passengers onboard and crew. A search initiated which consisted of several ships and search planes combed the area but the wreckage was never found.

One mystery I was a part of was when I was in the United States Coast Guard stationed on the Coast Guard Cutter Escanaba (WMEC-907) and we were on one of our many deployments cruising through the Bermuda Triangle. We had passed through this area many times in the past but on this deployment I still remember one of the Radar Man who was pulling duty on the bridge came down and told me that we had disappeared from radar for I believe if I remember right, an half hour. We were a blip on the radar and then suddenly our blip was gone and then it eventually reappeared again as we passed through that mysterious zone of the world. Lucky we did reappear again on radar and made it home safely eventually from that deployment.

If you are like me growing-up in the 1970s and 1980s you read and heard a ton of mysteries of ships disappearing while sailing in the Bermuda Triangle and many planes going down in that area never to be found again. I don`t know how true these stories may be because I am not one to believe in speculation I have to have the facts to know what is presented is really a fact but there definitely are other factors in the Bermuda Triangle that may have been part of why ships have disappeared and planes that went down were never found. Was the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 that is still in question as to what happened a part of a mystery like the Bermuda Triangle? It may very well turn out to be. Who knows?

So, the search continues for Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 as search and rescue crews from many countries keep their eyes peeled and the strong coffee hot because until the search is over you just ain`t going to be getting very much sleep anytime soon.

There are many scenarios being looked at including the possibility of pilot suicide and piracy are among what is also being looked at. Investigators still have no clue where the plane may be but day to day there is surmounting evidence that the plane may have been intentionally sent thousands of miles of course. This leaves strong evidence that the transponders and other communication devices onboard the flight were deliberately turned off. Not the normal operation for any airline in any flight.

Mark Weiss who is a retired pilot told CBS News, I question as to who might have been in the cockpit at the time when that aircraft had the, particularly the transponder turned off. " (Weiss, M.) This also opens up the possibility of terrorism.

As of right now there are twelve other countries and us, the United States aiding in the search which now consists of 57 ships and 48 aircraft combing a massive search area. Investigators are also saying that there is further evidence that may suggest the plane did not go down immediately after Air Traffic Controller lost it on radar. One of the transponders onboard kept pinging satellites for four hours afterwards. His suggests that the plane continued to fly for several hours and the possibility it traveled at least 2,500 miles from where it was last detected.

Aviation Analyst, John Nance commented on this, I mean, could we construct a theory where that might have happened with a progressive fire or something? Yes, but it would be very, very far out. Much more likely a human being was pulling circuit breakers at a sequential time. " (Nance, J.)

Experts are saying sometimes transponders are turned off or put on standby when the plane is approaching busy airports but when those same transponders are turned off during a flight over open water is not the norm and is very highly unusual.

Tom Haueter who is another aviation expert also commented on this, Clearly, if all the power is lost to the aircraft or something happened to take out that part of the electrical system that would turn it off. Certainly one aspect of turning it off is because you don`t want to be seen. " (Haueter, T.)

On Friday, Seismologists at a Chinese University stated that monitors captured seismic events " on the oceans floor in the area of the planes path which may also suggest that that seismic activity could have very-well been caused by the plane crashing in the ocean.

Whatever happened to this jet liner still remains a mystery and the search continues. I know from past events I have read about and have been a part of that I really over the years have now lost my nerve to fly. I have been on flights in the past while serving in the military that have flown through horrendous thunderstorms that caused air turbulence you do not want to be a part of and flown on other flights that have landed in winter storms with winds that caused the pilot to have to fight with the plane to keep in on the runway while sliding through ice trying to slow the plane down and come to a safe, eventual stop. I can say that, yes, I am sort of and have been an adrenaline junkie but to be on a plane you are at the mercy of the plane touching the ground safely. You can`t do anything at 30,000 feet if something may go wrong so it leaves you with a helpless feeling and my past adrenaline junkie attitude is now a part of history.

I would rather hop in my Hyundai with almost 100,000 miles on it and drive to anywhere in this country I may have to go than to get on a plane and take my chances of hopefully making it to that same destination safely. At least while I am driving in my car and if something my go wrong I am in complete control of getting out of the car if I have to even if I have to become a stuntman and jump out of it while speeding down the highway. What are you going to do in a Boeing 747 at 30,000 feet if something goes wrong? Run to the nearest exit and jump out? Not unless you are on crack.

I guess we will eventually find out what really happened to this mysterious flight, or will we?


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