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Published:March 20th, 2014 10:33 EST
Stephanie Kirkpatrick`s Career Was Burning Bright, Daniel Politte`s Was Over With!

Stephanie Kirkpatrick`s Career Was Burning Bright, Daniel Politte`s Was Over With!

By John G. Kays

"She became like a best friends. Very kind-hearted, would do what she could to help someone. If she was seeing somebody else having an issue, she was always the first person to step up and say,  `how can I help you?` I think that`s the biggest thing that came as a shock to us, how someone so kind-hearted and so full of spirit, that something like that would happen to her." Marc Anthony Glover - Executive Director of Stage Door Inc. *(Quote from Your Houston News)

No further news emerges in the unexplained, execution-style shooting of Stephanie Kirkpatrick Politte, by her (possessed) husband Daniel Politte (late on Tuesday, March 11th). Nevertheless, I`ve managed to gather up a few items, that brings focuse to the disturbing story a trifle more, while not giving us anything in the way of a clear motive. 

I have one new, anonymous source who sent me an email, providing me with a little more information on Daniel`s education and his employment background (although he`s currently unemployed; that`s absurd, Daniel`s booked in the Fort Bend County Jail!).

Apparently, Daniel got a BS in Maritime Administration from Texas A & M Galveston; I don`t have the year of his graduation, but it couldn`t have been too terribly long ago, since Mister Politte is only 30-years-old. Maybe it`s just me, but this looks like a fairly unusual, specialized major or selection of concentration, as far as studies or career goes. 

Furthermore, and this added fact doesn`t make a whole lot of sense to me either, but Daniel went back to school and (most recently) was working on a BS in Electrical Engineering at the University of Houston (don`t know if it was Main or one of the branches?).

I guess I better back up for just a moment; I need to tell you why Daniel Politte decided to go back to school (according to my one and only source, via email). He`d attempted gainful employment with G&H towing, that didn`t work, so he got a job with Kirby Inland Marine. neither of these jobs suited him too good, since he quit both of them. 

I`m not so sure why he didn`t like these jobs; one would think, as he conducted his studies at Texas A & M Galveston, he must have been fully aware of what he was getting into to. From what I can tell, this is tugboat stuff, or commercial shipping of goods (or petrochemicals), by way of tugs, throughout the rivers or tributaries, that dot the continental United States.

Well, anyway, Kirby Inland Marine`s web page seemed fairly clear to me, as far as job descriptions go; this is a nautical trip, which looks like pretty tough going! I guess Daniel couldn`t take the pressure, I can`t say for sure. And one wonders whether he`d have any better luck with electrical engineering? I`ll opine, I doubt it! 

On the other hand, when you take a close look at how things were going for Stephanie, you get a very different picture; it`s rosier, she seems to be much more successful at what she was doing, whether it was acting or teaching. This suggests a motive, although it`s just a hunch. 

I`ll state it as a question, and you can bandy about both sides of the coin, and see if she lands heads or tails. Was Daniel jealous of Stephanie`s new found success? Did he just so happen to have a loaded handgun handy, they get in a fight, and he shoots her when gripped by an envious green fit? Yea, he hasn`t confessed the motive yet, but this is how the cards are starting to stack up. 

Marc Anthony Glover mentioned that he`d occasionally see Daniel at the Stage Door theater when Ms Politte was performing. Did he watch her with admiration, or rather, was a jealous green monster growing inside him? She was garnering the undivided attention of the audience, while he was stuck in a stinky tugboat all day, hauling petrochemicals or agricultural chemicals about? 

What a stark contrast; one career is thrilling, gratifying, and glamorous, the other is rote, exhausting, and perhaps a good bit boring. Well, one item I know for sure, I can claim as hard news:  Daniel Politte`s career is over with permanently now!