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Published:March 21st, 2014 11:37 EST
Fred Phelps Should Be Forgotten By History, But There`s a Reason Why He Probably Won`t!

Fred Phelps Should Be Forgotten By History, But There`s a Reason Why He Probably Won`t!

By John G. Kays

Just about everybody on Planet Earth is glad that Fred Phelps Is Dead; at the same time, in a effort to not mirror the contempt for humanity, he exhibited while still alive, most are turning their backs on displays of hatred towards Fred Phelps or towards the Westboro Baptist Church, which he founded and used so effectively as a poisonous weapon, against those who he so hated (Gays, Catholics, Jews, or fallen soldiers who gave their lives for their country). I`m no different than anybody else, so that`s why I`ll keep this short, sweet, and to the point.

The dastardly deeds, some of which were nearly criminal, should be forgotten as soon as possible! The only problem with that statement is that we may need to learn a lesson or two about history, regarding the loathsome practices of the WBC, so that these kinds of acts are not replicated in the future. It`s still a free society, so it`s not possible to completely eliminate this type of organized bigotry and ignorance, which hides beneath the cloak of religiosity and Bible worship. 

If this is so, that Fred Phelps found his reasons to hate sundry groups directly from the Bible, then I`ll be sure to stay clear of it, afraid I might pick up some these malevolent, contagious germs, that more resemble the Bubonic Plague terrorizing Italy in the 14th Century.

All of his offenses should be thought of as equally bad, but the wickedest crime of all, as far as I`m concerned, is the picketing of Matthew Shepard`s funeral in 1998. Well, the reason why we have to remember Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, is so we`ll learn to oppose tyranny and racial bigotry with strength and conviction, so that powerful political (or, in this case, religious) bullies can`t get the upper hand on us. As for myself, I`m ready to forget about this man for all time! 

If you absolutely can`t help yourself and need to revisit some of these ugly moments of history, you`ll need to read Holy hell: Fred Phelps, clergyman, is on a crusade, by Annie Gowen (first published by The Washington Post on November 11, 1995), which is making the rounds robustly on the internet.

A sad thought, which has occurred to me millions of times before, is: CREEPS OFTEN GET REMEMBERED BETTER BY HISTORY! Maybe that`s wrong...