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Published:March 21st, 2014 11:33 EST

Girly Man Kills Neighbor's Puppy Over Interrupted Game of Candy Crush Saga: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Canadian judge found a man (Eugene Krawchuk) guilty of shooting his neighbor`s dog without a lawful excuse because he believes one of the reasons the puppy was killed was because it interrupted a game of Candy Crush Saga."



Candy Crush Saga is the most popular game on Facebook with 46 million average monthly users, that incredible total may include a handful of men. Almost every day I get an invitation from a female Facebook user to play Candy Crush Saga; they must think I`m the King of the Girly Men.

Main Characters:

Tiffi or Toffette is the game`s main character; she`s a blond girl with pigtails. She walks the player through the tutorial and introduces the Jelly Levels. Mr. Toffee is a tall dude with orange hair. He helps the player when he first starts playing Candy Crush, not that you need to be a rocket scientist to play the girly game. Then there`s the Easter Bunny, I`m not sure what he does other than look cute.

Things a real man would endure rather than play Candy Crush Saga:

Undergo a bikini wax

Prepare his taxes

Clean the toilet

Trim his cat`s nails. Yes real men do own cats!

If you`re from Canada you`re a wimp by default, to be the only dude in Canada who plays Candy Crush Saga makes Eugene Krawchuk the biggest candy ass in the world.

Krawchuk was found guilty of possessing a firearm without a license and was sentenced to 12 months` probation.

Krawchuk got off easy, a man who plays Candy Crush and kills a defenseless puppy doesn`t deserve to live.

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