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Published:March 24th, 2014 14:52 EST
Ukraine Security Check-Point Concession Roads

Ukraine Security Check-Point Concession Roads

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.

"UKRAINE SECURITY CHECK-POINT CONCESSION ROADS" Defense, Road and Tourism Bond Funding via (PPP`s)

"Ukraine Security Check-Point Concession Roads" can 1) provide key security, while helping to reduce the urgent security threat, 2) provide a Russian/Crimean Sanctions Enforcement, and 3) provide Public-Private-Partnerships to fund Road and Tourism Bonds.

"Ukraine Security Check-Point Concession Roads" can provide "Security, Security, and more Security."  The Miadon Barricade`s must be removed from the streets of Kiev and shifted to Ukraine Political Boundaries to establish "Ukraine Security Check-Point Concession Roads" fund Defense operations to protect the Ukrainian Citizens from Russian Aggression...  Up to this point I had favored a NEUTRAL UKRAINE AGREEMENT; however, I now favor a "POLITICAL DIVIDE WITH THE COOPERATION OF NATO, THE EU, U.S. TO ESTABLISH SECURITY."  

Someday the security threat will be reduced as responsible leadership comes to Russia.  Then and only then can Security Check-Points be converted into more conventional Concession Roads.  Concession Roads that primarily fund Road and Infrastructure, but until that day comes they must be used by Defense to protect Ukrainian`s and be used to enforce Sanctions on Russia and Crimea...

"Ukraine Security Check-Point Concession Roads" manned by Ukrainian Defense Forces/Civil Service Employees can protect the Citizens of Ukraine...  The Agreement should prioritize around a sanctions regime to protect Ukraine`s sovereignty from Russian Aggression and send a clear message that Russia was wrong in violating Ukraine`s sovereignty...

This proposal is an approach that diversifies the funding of Defense operations per this project, and provides funds for economic and Political stability by "asking" the near 25 Million Miadon supporters that would have visited Crimea and spent Tourism dollars to shift their travel plans for their safety and stay within the Political borders of Ukraine.  This proposal will not only provide security and peace of mind for Ukrainians, but also provide cash-flows that could be used to expand growth and development within a secure Ukraine.

$$$$$  Diversion of Tourism Funds--The Billions of Dollars that would have been spent in Crimea to fund their Airport, Crimea Resorts and the other businesses must be shifted into Ukrainian territory that supports the safety and security of Ukraine...  The 90% that voted for the "Crimean Beggar Ballot" must live with that decision as we will support Ukraine.  The Crimean Beggar Ballot was a Self-Imposed Boycott of Crimea.  The near 25 Million Miadon Supporters that wished change for all of Ukraine should begin with a focus on developing its own Tourism-Economy...  Starting with the developing of Gidro-Park and Parmoga-Park territory into a World Class Recreational Theme Park.  

Rest and Relaxation for people of Ukraine, and those that visit should be able to enjoy faith, family, friends and fun should be a priority.  Crimea has chosen to Self-Sanction.  Joining the Russian Federation will only add to the justification of Sanctions and a continued call for the near 25 Million Miadon Supporters to shift their travel from Crimea to stay within Ukraine Political Boundaries and develop the Tourism Infrastructure starting with Kiev and the Mountains in West Urkaine...

The lack of capital for Russia has in the past, and will in the future also affect Ukraine; however, economic analysis shows that Ukraine will be better off for it as they shift towards EU Business.  With an increase in Sanctions on Russia this trend of reduced cooperative investment between Russia and Ukraine will decline; however, this will allow for a more progressive EU/US and other nations to fill that void, and open up growth and investment opportunities as reforms are made in Ukraine that can increase all sectors of the Ukrainian economy...  PPP`s will play an important part in these new partnerships with the West...

"Ukraine Security Check-Point Concession Roads"can provide a new EU/United States type "Concession Roads" financial structures that opens up public-private-partnerships (PPP`s).  PPP`s can establish funding for both Military/Security Operations, as well as providing a long term option for Road and Tourism Bonds.  "Ukraine Security Check-Point Concession Roads" can secure international loans, attract Regional and International Investors for the construction and expansion of Infrastructure, as well as create cash-flow for long-term growth and development projects within Ukraine...  

Russian aggression and the lack of a sound Rule of Law that protects sovereignty and investors steps must be taken to protect Ukrainians.  We all know that post Russian Invasion of Georgia the Russian Stock Market lost nearly 70% of its value.  The recent event in Crimea is expected to do the same, but for a far longer period that will isolate Russia from the rest of the world...  Ukraine economic planning working with the West can create PPP`s that make up for the losses and far exceed those investments using sound Western economic and finance principles of business...

The Prime Minister must provide oversight for the Ukraine`s State Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine, the Minister of Defense to provide both Security and PPP`s...  The New Prime Minister must also provide Oversight of the State Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine, for in the past they proposed over inflated projects that were not based on real world analysis.  A prime example of this was a low traffic counts for their proposed Yanukovych regime 428 million Euro project, which consist of a proposed 18 Kilometers of new road and Bridge near the Borispol Airport.  (A BAD PROJECT)  The Kiev City to Borispol Bridge Project is not structured with sound economic and finance principles, and did not justify funding with only 20,000 people estimated to use the road.  The State Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine is in need of PM Oversight to reduce corruption and bad projects.   

My plan of oversight provides a "No-Bid Contract proposal for the MOD to establish primary and secondary "Ukraine Security Check-Point Concession Roads."   Concession Roads that provide security for Ukrainian Cities against Russian Aggression, secures financing and investments for Security, Transportation, Tourism and Enforce Sanctions... 

In conclusion, "Ukraine Security Check-Point Concession Roads" can 1) provide key security, while helping to reduce the urgent security threat, 2) provide a Russian/Crimean Sanctions Enforcement, and 3) provide Public-Private-Partnerships to fund Road and Tourism Bonds.

Thank you and I look forward to any discussions and would welcome a meeting to consult to assist you in developing a better and more Ukraine.