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Published:March 25th, 2014 14:38 EST

Girl Suspended for Shaving her Head in Support of Cancer Patient: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Colorado girl who shaved her head to support a friend battling cancer was not allowed into class because her new hairstyle was a violation of the school`s dress code policy.


The school, Caprock Academy in Grand Junction, refused to make an exception to the school`s policy for Kamryn Renfro`s shaved head earlier this week. Renfro cut her hair in support of 11-year-old Delaney Clements who is undergoing chemotherapy as part of her battle with neuroblastoma."


I rock a chrome dome, and naturally my sympathies lie with the darling young girl who shaved her head in solidarity with her friend who is undergoing chemotherapy.

This rule is discriminatory and patently ridiculous; I doubt that a male teacher who sports a bald head would be suspended.

It took a tremendous amount of courage and love and dedication for her friend, for Kamryn to shave her head.  

Schools should instill good moral values in our children, and there is no greater value than expressing love and loyalty for a friend.

Kamryn is a good egg, and she rocks the egg head look. You go girl!

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