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Published:March 25th, 2014 09:59 EST
Will the Stabbing Death of Ulises "Ule" Garcia at a Wild Party in Kyle, Texas Be Ruled a Homicide?

Will the Stabbing Death of Ulises "Ule" Garcia at a Wild Party in Kyle, Texas Be Ruled a Homicide?

By John G. Kays

What went wrong at a really big party in Kyle, Texas (Kyle is in Hays County just south of Austin and Buda, but north of San Marcos) late Saturday night, resulting in the stabbing death of 20-year-old Ulises Ule Garcia? Two other people, whose names are not given, survived their stabbings, apparently from the same individual; as usual, authorities are keeping a tight lid on the identity of the perpetrator, pending further investigation. Can the death of Ulises Garcia be classified as a homicide? And why did the party-goers take the stab victims to Seton Medical Center in Kyle themselves, instead of simply calling 911, which would normally be protocol?

Local news services (as is often the case) had barely any details to offer on this very serious altercation, which (at one time) looked like a wild party; yet news footage provides us with a clear shot (image) of the rural ranch house in the 100 block of Sunrise Drive. That`s to say, having lived in Buda myself about 15 years ago, and currently residing just up the road in SouthWest Austin, I can kind of get the picture how this isolated ranch house would be an ideal location for such large parties. I guess, one question I have, is who owns the house? Who was throwing this party? How many other times had there been these large parties?

What was the occasion for so much celebration? Was it just to relax and get down? How much alcohol and/or drugs were available there that night on Sunrise Drive? And most of all, what triggered the incident that resulted in three people getting stabbed, one of which perished? A KVUE (ABC) article tells us Ulises Garcia worked in San Antonio as a solar installer during the weekdays, but would return home consistently to his family in Kyle on the weekend. He went to the party to relax, since he worked very hard at his job. Additionally, from a FOX 7 report, filed by Alex Villareal, we learn an eyewitness, Philip Web, who lives just across the street from the party house, got an eye full of the traumatizing event, while only seeing part of the ordeal.

Philip Web saw as many as 30 cars parked outside of the party house last Saturday night; I`ll safely assume those were the vehicles of the partiers. That`s a large party! But what`s this about the warning pistol shot discharged up in the air? Who fired the gun and at what time did they do so? I`m thinking this must have been after the stabbing had already occurred, but of course, I don`t know that for sure. We`re hearing that a panicky mayhem broke out suddenly, with people running wildly up Sunrise Drive; well, many police cars arrived shortly thereafter. Web says there were anywhere between 20 and 30 cop cars on the out-of-control scene.

But why did someone transport the victims themselves to the hospital, instead of using an EMS ambulance (such as is usual)? Were they covering up for someone? Was it the perpetrator who aided the poor injured? Why didn`t one of the partiers tell the Hays County Sheriff deputies, who had just arrived on the scene (wish I had an exact time), who did it, who stabbed Ulises Garcia fatally, along with two other people? Was this individual, who apparently carries a knife, known to the hosts of the party, or was he (I`m assuming it was simply one perpetrator and that he was a male) just a stranger, a casual attendee, or possibly a friend of one of the other guests? 

Why is someone covering for this person? Are they afraid of him? The hardest part of this story, which makes it difficult for me to cover, is that Seton Hospital told Ulises Garcia`s family, when they (don`t know yet who they are?) took him over in the back of a pickup truck, that he would probably be able to go home in two days; instead he dies from his wounds. Ulises` life was barely getting started; he loved boxing and wanted to get married and raise a family, but instead, fatally chose to attend the wrong party. Let`s hope reporters will learn soon who did it and why it happened; there must be more to it than a simple altercation.