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Published:March 26th, 2014 11:18 EST
Did Charles Hattenbach and Kathyrn Hubbert Act Alone in Their Serial Post Office Box Robberies?

Did Charles Hattenbach and Kathyrn Hubbert Act Alone in Their Serial Post Office Box Robberies?

By John G. Kays

Charles Hattenbach, 39, and Kathyrn Hubbert, 28, were arrested in Temple on March 11th for a very unusual string of Post Office Box robberies; the numbers are staggering, 50 of those were blue drop boxes and 30 were individual post office boxes! I`ve never seen a crime-spree of this magnitude in my entire lifetime, where the MO was so specialized, targeting only United States Post Office property; amazing, the sheer volume is unprecedented.

I`ve been following this story with a great amount of interest for a few months now, so another item that immediately hits me like a ton of bricks, is why such a huge delay, referring to the media of course, in reporting the postal thieves arrest (more than two weeks)? Was the media asleep or were they merely trying to confirm the details of the once charmed bandits?

Additionally, why aren`t the major conduits of our news in Texas reporting this breaking development? I didn`t notice but around a half dozen articles on the Google News stream (for the topic Charles Hattenbach), and most of these were posted by TV stations, who usually accompany their nightly televised report with a printed news version. 

A good example is KWTX out of Waco who filed really the only fairly thorough report I could find on the internet. While the thieves had hit both the Dallas area and the Austin area, local coverage was scarce from those sources, or in the case of Dallas, non-existent.

The reason why so many of us have been following this bizarre Post Office heist ring so carefully, is that it got to a point where it wasn`t safe to mail a letter anymore in a conventional Blue Box, or to even have a PO Box in your closest, local US Mail Station. These people, Charles and Kathyrn (the Blue Box Bandidos, I`ll coined them) would hit any place in any small city of their choosing. 

They were like a modern day, specialized version of Bonnie and Clyde; well, I should point out, I have to make a lot of this up, since no biographical data was provided by either the news media (from the few that covered it) or by the arresting party (which was, I guess, the Postal Inspector).

I`m not so exactly clear on just how Hattenbach and Hubbert operated; I do know that their crimes got bolder and bolder (over the first three months of this year), once they began to enter the secured area of select post offices. The KWTX article says they defeated the facilities exterior locks and security countermeasures (Complaint Details Scope of Local Post Office Break-Ins); okay, so I`m not quite sure what that means. 

Did they cut the chains with a gigantic, industrial-size bolt cutter? And how did they shut off the security alarm systems? Don`t federal facilities have fairly sophisticated security systems in place? Well, I wonder about the rural locations.

The Postal Inspector, Mike Sullivan, characterized these brazen heists as propelled by a need for quick cash, so the culprits could get drugs, possibly to support a drug habit. On this issue, we could use a little more definition; what kind of drugs were they hooked on? Was it meth? How long had they been users?

Is this their only motive for breaking into Blue Boxes and into people`s private Post Office Boxes? It`s hard to believe, if this is true! Most of all, I wonder whether somebody else wasn`t yanking their chain; were they beholden to some big drug dealer? Did they owe somebody a lot of money? Okay, so was this a conspiracy or did they act on their own?

I thought, at the time I heard about it, this was a very big story; now that Charles and Kathyrn have been apprehended, the media is not on the same page as I am. They brush it under the rug.They`ve dismissed it as page 2 story, good for only one or two filler columns. But I want to know, how many different facilities were hit? Can we get an accurate list of the locations, precise dates of the robberies, and exactly what was lifted? 

And what about their January arrest in Dallas? Why did DPD let them go so easily? Did they already scheme with the Feds to have the GPS device planted on their car? Why did the crazy twosome immediately start hitting facilities after getting popped in Big D? How stupid is it to cash two $700 money orders in Temple and Belton? *(Most important) Why was the tale of their arrest buried for more than two weeks?