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Published:March 26th, 2014 14:41 EST

Jimmy Carter Reported Seeing a UFO in 1969, But...

By Robert Paul Reyes

President Jimmy Carter has talked about his 1969 encounter with an unidentified flying object several times over the years. He`s never really been of the opinion that what he saw was an alien spacecraft, but maintains that he doesn`t quite know what it was, either.


On the latest episode of The Brian Lehrer Show, Carter again explains his experience, breaking it down in a straightforward fashion: I don`t claim that it came from outer space. But it was unidentified, it was flying, and it was an object."


Whenever I write an essay debunking UFOs, and I state that the vast majority of folks who report seeing flying saucers are bored suburban housewives, inebriated rednecks, and teens with too much time or their hands, invariably someone will remind me that President Jimmy Carter saw a UFO in 1969.

Let`s revisit Jimmy Carter and his UFO sighting:

Jimmy Carter never claimed that the object he saw was a spacecraft piloted by extraterrestrial aliens. As Carter recently succinctly stated: It was unidentified, it was flying and it was an object.

Let`s also not forget that this is the same Jimmy Carter who reported that he was attacked by a Giant Rabbit while on a fishing expedition in 1979.

The very same Jimmy Carter claimed in a 1980 Presidential Debate that his then 13-year-old daughter Amy opined that nuclear proliferation was the most important issue facing the nation.

I don`t think Jimmy Carter is a more credible witness than a bored suburban housewife or a drunk-as-a-skunk hillbilly.

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