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Published:March 30th, 2014 11:41 EST

British Bloke Pretends to be Mayor, Bamboozles Burg!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A man fooled a town in England into think he was their mayor by setting up a fake Twitter account.


A man going by James Billington created the Twitter handle @mayorofStafford with a bio saying he`s, delighted to be representing the town of Stafford & surrounding areas."


The Stafford town council caught on to the hoax after a few days, and asked Twitter to shut the account down.

I should pull the same stunt in my town in Central Virginia. The country bumpkins in my neck of the woods know the name of the crew chief of every top NASCAR driver, but I doubt any on them knows the name of the mayor of Lynchburg.

Unfortunately, my fellow town residents don`t know Twitter from a bottle of moonshine or a wad of chewing tobacco.

Billinton`s fake Twitter account is still active and tweeting his imaginary mayoral duties. It would be fun tweeting my mayorial duties as Mayor of Lynchburg:

*Officiated at the wedding of Betty Lou Jackson and Billy Bob Haymaker at the race track.

*Cut the ribbon at the 20th Waffle Shop to open in Lynchburg.

*Presented Honey Boo Boo Child with a key to the city.

*Said the benediction at the weekly burn the liberal witch bonfire.

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