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Published:March 30th, 2014 13:00 EST
I Must Have Lost My Freeking Mind When I Ran For US President in 2000

I Must Have Lost My Freeking Mind When I Ran For US President in 2000

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.

I MUST HAVE LOST MY FREEKING MIND WHEN I RAN FOR U.S. PRESIDENT IN 2000....  It would be nice to be known as a man that helped prevent a Ukrainian Civil War and a war with Russia:
Perhaps only my Facebook friends will know the truth about my focus to try and prevent a Civil War in Ukraine and conflict between Ukraine and Russia.
Over the years I have met many people.  I have had hundreds, perhaps thousands of discussions with people of Ukraine long before the Revolution.  In many ways one could feel a Revolution in the air for a very long time... I favored returning to Kentucky or Florida, but my wife is a bit of a Mama`s girl and wished to spend more time here.  I tried to communicate with her that it is nearly impossible to do business here and that our future was not in Ukraine.  
I often tried to explain that the Ukrainian People were angary, hated to see the open corruption, they hated to see the open disrespect for the lack of rule of law, having to pay bribes and deal with dishonest business and investments, and a number of other problems that both foreign business and investors had to deal with.  So, yes, a Revolution was in the air for years and I favored avoiding it at Disney or on the beach in Florida or hiking Natural Bridge in the Mountains of Eastern Kentucky for I was tired of dealing with conflict, tired of being tired and not having much energy after Kidney cancer and the removal of my Kidney.  Yet, I stayed with my family, gave support despite my gut feelings and near 30 years of dealing with such problems throughout the World... My Ukrainian wife continued to avoid the news and think if you don`t see it is not happing... Oh the child-like naivety that is both funny and frustrating.
In the beginning stages of the Miadon Peaceful Protest, I visited the streets of Kiev, Ukraine; just as I had many times since my first visit in 2003.  I even did a few CNN-IReports showing the events unfold... Uploaded video`s and photos of primary and secondary barricades, the stage area for speakers, and the Wide Screen that became a target to silence the Protest and a nest for snipers that burnt the building in the last days of the protest. 
Reflecting back, I often am amazed at the changes that have occurred since my first visit in 2003.  The streets of Miadon went from a 1930`s Key-Stone Cop traffic jam of honking $200 dollar used Soviet Brand Lada car`s dodging each other, and the many potholes left as a result of a bankrupt national and city government.
I also sadly reflect back on seeing the streets full of beggars both young and old.  The old with a sitting position with their hands out, while the young were too weak to get up off the streets near the Metro...  Crimea, Ukraine was also in such condition.  I remember one cold evening passing by a young man sitting on a store front ledge also begging, but instead of having his hand out he was holding a hand full of blood he had coughed out of his lungs from cold exposure... (Yes, I and the family got regular TB test and I often got it retested in my home town Health Department or at the VA Hospital in America.)  The people were just like us, a nice base education, in fact, the lower grades of math were probably better focused on, but the Higher Education and the open corruption and lack of focus on caring for people undermined any real growth and development and left a society without hope or a smile.
Westernization after the 2004 Orange Revolution made huge changes...  Within a decade of focused Westernization changed the roads, streets got marked with lines to keep traffic flowing smoothly, and the 90+% of the beggars moved into jobs, and living a more prosperous life.
In fact, 2003 compared with "Euro 2012" was like darkness becoming daylight... Euro 2012 was for sure the Orange Revolution`s greatest success, and it was great to see a time when the permanent entrenched frowns on the Ukrainian faces turn to smiling faces in Miadon.  Huge cultural changes occurred and great optimism was within the Universities; however, they too knew their challenges to success.
Then came the Euro-Miadon Revolution of 2013/14 when the streets became a Military type camp, stained with burnt tires, sweet, blood and urine and smelled the same... Miadon turned into a small battle zone adding rubber and live bullets casings, blood and dead bodies to the streets.  Instutskya Street became a Mass Murder site from a "Sniper Death Triangle"... Institutskya is now being called "Heavenly Hundred" for the near hundred mass murdered by Snipers.
The "Sniper Death Triangle" that littered Institutskya (Heavenly Hundred) with dead bodies of Peaceful Protesters, whom were only trying to set up a secondary barricade to be out of the freezing cold water cannon`s range, a very normal reaction that was surely expected as it was after all in the middle of Winter... This in my mind gave the regime easy targets and clearly gave motive, opportunity and intent to end the Protest with violent "Mass Murder" means and silence the protest.
As a man with a man in my younger days dealing with Law Enforcement, attending (2) Military/Federal Law Enforcement Schools, worked in Law Enforcement, Military Police Investigations for a total of about 7 years as well as dealing with a couple years of Private Investigations/Security in intense Labor Disputes in NY, NJ, RI,.  Not to mention military experience and seeing thug groups around the world use "Triangle of Death Sniper Tactics".
The Miadon men, and they young lady Medic (clearly marked) didn`t have a change.  Sniper fire came from the top of Institutskya, the upper floors of the Press Hotel, and the upper floors, or top of the Wide Screen Building that was allegedly targeted and burnt by the regimes special operations.  All designed to silence the opposition and their allegations of wide spread corruption from the Yanukovych regime (an investigation that I did not do as I am now a failed businessman and still recovering from cancer, but will give credit for ever who did it as being very detailed).
Yanukovych organized a Private-Army from Crimea (many of which were ethnic Russian) and turned them into "Death Squads" that resulted in over 100 mass murders, and hundreds being burnt that used Molotov cocktails to burn the barricades in an attempt to create a "Wall of Fire" between them and the attacking Burkat/Riot Police.  Yet, a bit over 100 is far better than perhaps 10,000 and the beginning of a Civil War.
Saving 10`s of Thousands and preventing Civil War with a letter...  I got to know the U.S. Defense Attaché` and wrote him a letter asking that he contact his Counterpart the Minister of Defense (MOD) and request that the Military Stay out of the Miadon affairs...  I also shared this letter with our U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, part of President Obama`s Cabinet... (From Experience when the Military gets involved such as in Libya, and even Syria mass Casualties occurred in the 10`s of thousands, in Syria it is now over 130,000, 9 million people displaced and 2 million hungry and cold living in refugee tents; with Putin supporting such craziness from alAssad)... A week or so later I saw both President Obama and Defense Secretary Hagel discussing how it was now a priority to keep the Military out of the Miadon Protest.
I still believe in the City of Kiev, and other Cities within Ukraine, and feel that they are wonderful places to visit, and I see wonderful business opportunities with a reduction of corruption and business reforms.  Crimea, Ukraine has vast tourism prospects and is dependent upon the 25 million Miadon supporters.  They just don`t know it yet...   I have written huge papers on how a breakaway would be a "Beggar Ballot" that would economically devastate the Crimean economy.
Having visited my Father n Law`s hospital in Crimea, and his diagnostics revealing that I had developed Kidney Cancer gave me great respect and appreciation for the Doctors in Crimea..  After finding the cancer I had my kidney removed at the Veterans Hospital in America.  This was a very difficult surgery, yet, it allowed me to recover and spend a lot of time in both Crimea and in Kiev, Ukraine... That time turned out to be a long term recovery, and lack of energy that put me in a near depressive state.  Add bit of PTSD from dealing with nearly every conflict since Panama in 1989, then the 1st Gulf War, Somalia, suggesting the need for an entry and exit strategy in Bosnia that became the Powell Doctrine, Humanitarian Intervention in Libya, asking Elbardai to resign to keep peace in Egypt (with the hopes he would someday become the President as I saw him publicaly display himself as an honest man with constructive leadership intent).  I also wrote numerous position papers in dealing with Israel and Palestine and for decades offered up my "Two State Solution", and did all I could do to try to offer up ways to prevent Civil War in Syria; however, Putin begin to turn from constructive to destructive as he looked at the power and influence from the West as a participating partner.
Now, I found myself in the city of a Revolution, and my vacation home in Crimea, and the Doctors that saved my life being overrun by Private Army funded by Yanukovych theft.  Then a "Red Dawn" Reality of a large Russian occupying force in Crimea, Ukraine that has spread lies and deception, and provoked issues as opposed to allowing the people of Crimea to continue to live in peace...  From my travels I never say a single Ukrainian and Russian fight no matter how much Russian Vodka was drank, nor did anyone ever disrespect me and/or say a bad thing to give me any indication that the People of Crimea were uncivilized... In fact, I come to really like the Ukrainian, Russian and Tatar People of Crimea... Granted there needs to be lots of reforms to create real growth and development and I have written hundreds of papers, economic and business plans for key Tourist Cities within Crimea, Ukraine... Plans that could create tens of thousands of jobs and provide 3 to 5 star resort stays for Tourist, are the highlights among other plans.
I`m 49, nearly 50, had kidney cancer, deal with PTSD, stressed due to my profession of real estate sales, and land development declining due to blundering Bush policies...  Now, I`m in the middle of a Revolution, and Russian occupation of my vacation home area...  Not exactly what I expected when marrying a beautiful Ukrainian Lady that reminded me of Princess Diana.  We have a wonderful 10 1/2 year old Son that speaks Russian, Ukrainian and English and can do math with kid`s years older than him... I think we have done what we can to help, and support each other... In addition to supporting my family, I have spent a great deal of time recovering and in the process I have used my spare time to help develop Ukraine/Crimea and now have offered up "Neutral Ukraine" Policies, and many other peaceful ways to keep Ukraine from turning into a Civil War.  
It is about constructive leadership over destructive leadership that offers up right is might, and not might is right...  Personally, I think my near 12 year`s experience, along with the many years prior to that dealing with National and International Affairs, suggesting the buyout of nuclear weapons in the region, the buy-into the International Space Station to maintain technological advances, and pages and pages of other constructive economic plans more than qualifies me to voice my opinion... In fact, I think it qualifies me to share thoughts with the State Department, which has a new Ambassador to Ukraine, which has been here 6 months, a military command that passes through, and a finance group that relocated from Georgia where relations didn`t turn out so well.
I offered up suggestions to angry Peaceful Protesters to stay the course and not allow it to turn violent from their side... I have been shocked by discussions, and the anger that they have for the Police that continued to attack them... Understandable, but the World was watching and they gained far more support via Peaceful means than they could ever imagine...  My conversation with Sr. Advisors and Peaceful Street Protesters alike were to stay the course and stay peaceful... To this point Peace has prevailed and prevented tens of thousands of deaths and Civil War.
Everyone asks me why am I here, when I could be anywhere in the World, i.e. on a Florida Beach...  I always respond, that I ask myself that question daily...  Ukraine is a place known by Europeans due to their love for football (Soccer), or the strong arm tactics of Putin shutting off Ukraine`s gas.  Most Americans wouldn`t have even consider Ukraine for a travel destination, nor worked on their language skills to be able to get around.  They would instead focus on the top Islands, Florida or California Coast, Paris, or London.  Yet, here I am in Ukraine and have ran across a few wondering Americans here chasing beautiful ladies, and I have met a number of the faithful doing Gods Missionary work and those involved in the American Chamber of Commerce, and the U.S. Ukraine Business Council.
Today, I can answer that I am in Ukraine as I feel that I am supposed to be here.  Perhaps it is another chapter or purpose in my life to try to prevent Civil War and bring a voice of Reason to the Russians occupying Crimea...  My Ross Perot "Business Politics" and my life long Political Junkie involvements came to me self-appointing myself as a "Special Envoy to Ukraine and the Crimean occupation issue".
My Special Envoy has shared constructive leadership with Ukrainians, Russians, American and global Think Tanks, High Level Diplomatic Officials, and special observers, and international media in the region in order to try to offer up economic leadership for Crimea/Ukraine and the region, and of course prevent Civil War... This includes a letter that I wrote asking the U.S. Defense Attaché` to convince the Ukrainian Minister of Defense to keep the Army from also attacking the Miadon Peaceful Protesters... The assaults that resulted in the death of over 100 would have been 10`s of thousands and a Civil War if he was not successful... The U.S. Attaché` is a Hero in my opinion and so is the Commanding General that refused to join the Triangle of Death Sniper Attacks.
I do not think that I have retell the story, or describe the brutality that led to Yanukovych being converted from President into a Mass Murder and fleeing with whatever stolen Ukrainian treasures he could carry... The result was the Ukrainian Parliament, whom was majority controlled by his own Party of Regions voted to impeach him--relieve him of his Presidential Duties, and established a Court/General Prosecutor to file Mass Murder Charges and Abuse of Power via Interpol.
Sadly, President Putin still supported Yanukovych, and refused to see that he is becoming more destructive and more evil in his policy making that makes him look like a Strong-Arm Thug than a President and Global Partner.   Yet, this is no surprise as we have seen it in Syria with the Putin support for alAssad; whom is now responsible for over 130,000 deaths, 9 million displaced Syrians, 2 million living in refugee camps cold and hungry.
I look back and see projects that I personally got involved in that displayed America`s truth and justice.  I also reflect back at American Misguided Policy Making and clearly see how American power was misused by the George W. Bush Presidency, and how the American people were misguided...  This is much of the reason we are here today...  Yet, this story is not about those days, even if those days led to mistrust in Putin`s mind; it is also in the minds of millions of American that President Obama represented and has tried to provide a voice of reason via the United Nations, and be a positive partner with constructive leadership, and America`s ability to yield far more effective economic statecraft.
The Obama, Clinton, and Kerry team has made great strides in bringing back honesty and integrity to American Policy Making...  I welcome that shift back to reason and rational behavior... Now, it is unfortunate that Putin has become a Bush type policy maker where might is right as opposed to right is might.
We have to find a way to bridge the duologue from President to President.  We have to shift towards "Constructive Leadership" of Diplomacy and Development, as opposed to Division to avoid Death and Destruction.
This has been my goal, and I appreciate all my facebook friends for bearing with me, encouraging as well as helping me to do this.
Thank you, and God Bless...
Harvey Carroll, Jr.