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Published:March 31st, 2014 17:00 EST

Pepsi Max Pranks Brits into Thinking UFOs Attacking London! Bloody Brilliant! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Pepsi Max, in an effort to promote their drink, set up an augmented reality billboard at a London bus top. Throughout the day, passengers were fooled thinking they were seeing unbelievable things happen through the screen. Mutant tentacles would snatch pedestrians, tigers would chase people on the sidewalks and giant robots or UFOs would attack the city.


When the commuters went to the other side of the glass to see what was going on, all they would see was a Pepsi Max advertisement. Brilliant."


When you are at sitting in a bus stop shelter you are thinking about mundane things: Will I make it to work on time? I`m such a loser for using public transportation! Do I have the correct change for the bus fare? Should I hit on that girl sitting next to me?

But at this rigged bus stop shelter commuters were blasted out of their daydreams  thanks to an augmented reality billboard that fooled passengers into thinking they were witnessing unbelievable things right in front of their eyes.

I will bet a bloody pound that one of the people who saw UFOs attacking the city started his own chapter of MUFON or a UFO cult.

I`ve never tasted Pepsi Max, but I plan on buying a bloody case in salute to their terrific promotion.


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