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Published:April 1st, 2014 10:36 EST
Is Miranda Barbour the Next Lady Serial Killer, Taking the Lives of 22?

Is Miranda Barbour the Next Lady Serial Killer, Taking the Lives of 22?

By John G. Kays

Is Miranda Barbour the new Aileen Wuornos? Are her startling claims of a murderous rampage over a time-span of 6 years, that include three different states (Alaska, Florida, and North Carolina), absolutely fictitious? What about a simpler claim she`s made, that at one time she worked as a stripper at Club La Vega in Panama City, Florida? Why can`t this even be verified (one has to wonder about accurate record keeping at such a club)

The Daily Item newspaper in Sunbury, Pennsylvania has now conducted two different interviews (the first one was on Feb. 14th) with Miranda Barbour, the last of which was just last Saturday; could it be that Ms Barbour is simply making this all up in order to get some attention and to grab a headline or two?

The notion of this huge fabrication is brought on by the dumbfounded reactions of police in various jurisdictions who haven`t been able to identify any cold cases or older unsolved cases, where they could match Miranda`s tall tales with an actual homicide, or even a missing person`s case, for that matter. 

Naturally, the talking incarcerated murder moll points out in her Daily Item interview, there is no complete body; the body parts have been tossed about separately (one would suppose), in various lakes or what not. One exception comes from Panama City Beach, Florida, where the police chief there, Drew Whitman, did identify one missing person that correlates to the time frame referenced by Barbour. (The News Herald)

We`ll have to see whether this lead materializes in anyway. At least one murder can be confirmed; 42-year-old Troy LaFerrara (from Port Trevorton, Pa.) lost his life on November 11, 2013 when he made the mistake of answering a salacious Craiglist ad. 

He got it in the backseat of the Barbour`s car; Miranda and her husband, 22-year-old Elytte Barbour, participated in a Thrill Kill, daring one another to go through with it, then really doing just that. The MO employed by the demented couple was strangulation and stabbing, working cooperatively to do in poor Troy LaFerrara, who was just wanting to get a little female companionship.

This entire affair is a far-fetched Box of Chocolates Ala a fairly good screenplay idea for HBO`s next Mini-Series blockbuster! Miranda is only 19 now; she claims the killings began when she was merely 13; furthermore, she says she belonged to some sort of Satanic Cult. I`m wondering, as you probably are, just exactly what kind of Devil Worship Cult this could have been? Maybe Aleister Crowley influenced? 

Perhaps in her next exclusive interview she can be a bit more specific about the form or nature of this alleged cult. Well, her time in jail may allow her to research her whopper some more, through books or the internet, if the Northumberland jailhouse will allow her to; some filler detail is needed to make her story more credible (is all I`m saying).

One important question I have regards Miranda Barbour`s biographical MO; when did she live in all these various states? She claims to have murdered in Big Lake, Alaska, Mexico Beach, Florida, and Raleigh, North Carolina; what dates can we associate with her living in each of these disparate locations? 

Why was she living at each of these places in the first place? Was she homebound with her parents and her dad perhaps got transferred to these various states and cities? When and why did she move to Pennsylvania? And finally, what are the circumstances of her marriage to Elytte Barbour? *(Well, one more) Has she ever seen a psychiatrist before?