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Published:April 1st, 2014 10:01 EST

Town in Germany Builds Landing Pad for UFOs! Roswell: Get with the Program!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Over the weekend a German town inaugurated the Ufo-Landeplatz (UFO Landing Place). The event was an all out party and among those involved were local politicians, sciences buffs, and comedians. The inauguration was intended to be more for fun than actual intergalactic diplomacy.


The town of Göttingen in the German state of Lower Saxony marked off a circle that they say is no longer available for public parking, but instead is now intended to be used solely by extraterrestrial spacecraft. It was given the international identification of ULP 42 (I assume the ULP stands for UFO Landing Place). They also warn that anyone who attempts to park in the ULP does so at their own peril."

Open Minds

How dare the Germans beat us to the punch, Roswell, New Mexico, the UFO capital of the world, should have been the first to build a landing strip for flying saucers.

Roswell needs to get with the program, and become the first city in the United States to build a landing pad for flying saucers. Roswell could invite the crack-smoking mayor of Toronto, and the cracked-in-the-head Vice President Joe Biden to participate in the opening festivities.

Since moonshine-guzzling rednecks living in trailer parks are the ones most likely to spot UFOs, I suggest the UFO landing place be situated in a trailer park.

Roswell could host an annual UFO freak show at the landing strip, after a few years the extravaganza featuring New Age hippies, stoners who don`t miss any opportunity to party, UFO nuts, and alien anal probe loving freaks would rival Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Carnival in Rio.

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