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Published:April 2nd, 2014 12:53 EST
Did Elvis Overdose Or Did The King Actually Commit Suicide? 'Unsolved Mysteries' Takes a Look!

Did Elvis Overdose Or Did The King Actually Commit Suicide? 'Unsolved Mysteries' Takes a Look!

By John G. Kays

I was pleased as punch to receive (through the mail) a collectors item, the box set `The Best Of Unsolved Mysteries` from Amazon! I quickly opened it, scanning the stories included on four discs; impatiently, I popped Disc 1 in my trusty Samsung Blue Ray player, then instantly the familiar voice of Robert Stack captured my undivided attention. I watched a few episodes with paranormal or ghost content, but without too much delay, stumbled upon `Elvis`s Last Night,` which is the reason why I`m now penning these incidental words of wisdom. Did Elvis accidentally take too many drugs at Graceland on August 16, 1977, or did he intentionally gulp down too many drugs? In other words, did The King commit suicide?

The presentation on Unsolved Mysteries provides compelling evidence, mostly by way of Elvis`s one time coterie, his younger half-brother, David Edward Stanley, who was right there when it happened, and knows for sure just what occurred to The King in those solitary, spiritually-charged moments of departure. Still, this account of his final day was shocking to me, even though I`ve been convinced of its authenticity for many, many years. Nonetheless, to hear again just exactly what drugs Elvis was taking, his crazy daily habits, as well as all the challenges which were undermining him, leaving him vulnerable to self-destruction, it`s really overwhelming (to me), supporting the argument of a self-snuffing. Elvis killed himself!

As David Stanley graphically describes these routines of ritual on UMs, The King received 3 attacks per day, along with chasing his attacks with duel, loaded cheeseburgers and french fries, which would sometimes get stuck in his mouth when he`d doze off from volatile downers. Well, you`re probably wondering what in the hell is an attack? I tried to write it down in my notes, so I`ll tell you what I got down, although I might have missed a drug or two. I will say for sure, however, one attack had 11pills, then EP took 3 syringe shots of Seconal on top of the pills. Let`s see, the medley of pills were: Valium, Quaaludes, and Nembutal (maybe codeine also?). *(Will need to reference Goldman, but I can`t find my copy just now.)

So remember, there were 3 attacks per day; yea, that`s right, 33 strong depressant pills each day and 9 syringe shots of medicine for the ailing, bluesy King! I believe David said there was two rounds of double cheeseburgers, but I`ll have to double check on that technicality. Elvis was only 42 when he passed this world, but he was burying his heart with grease, cheese, meat, butter, and barbiturate toxins. I`m surprised he didn`t fold much earlier! The King even threatened David with a gun onetime when he confronted his lordship with his obvious dependency; EP didn`t even realize he was a junkie, he thought he was taking medicine which would get him well!

Anyhow, on that last night, Elvis saved up all 3 attacks until he retired to the bathroom with one of his spiritual or religious books. After he died and the coroner was examining his lifeless body, David entered the scene, noticing that most of the 3 attacks had been consumed, after before noticing Elvis had altered his routine, not taking his pills and shots in their usual time spaces (gapped, I mean). He must have known this massive, elephant-like dose would take him across the threshold; therefore, this is adequate proof for me, Elvis committed suicide. Thirty Three pills, nine syringe shots, anyone or anything is going to die! Couldn`t quite make that last tour...

Polypharmacy is the magic word I`ve heard mentioned; that`s an understatement. His arteries were gone! But add on the cheeseburgers and all the other fat to the drugs, and you can easily see why he went down. Red West also mentions in the UMs episode, Elvis got started with speed when he was in the army. He took speed for much of his life, which will fry your arteries. 

Elvis had been living in the fast lane for too long; when Red West, Sonny West, and Dave Hebler (all members of the Memphis Mafia) were coming out with their tell-all book, Elvis What Happened?, he knew his God-like image was about to get shattered into a million tiny pieces, and his drug addiction would be revealed to his loyal, adoring fans. This is why, I believe, Elvis committed suicide.