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Published:April 7th, 2014 11:27 EST
An 'Unsolved Mysteries' Episode, 'Charles Morgan,' Throws You Down a Spooky Rabbit Hole with ZERO Bottom!

An 'Unsolved Mysteries' Episode, 'Charles Morgan,' Throws You Down a Spooky Rabbit Hole with ZERO Bottom!

By John G. Kays

This is the first of a three part series I`m writing, covering four different Unsolved Mysteries episodes, first aired nearly twenty-five years ago. The episodes I just viewed with a great deal of fascination were: Mistake Hit (this treats Doug Johnson`s death), Journalist`s Murder (this has two parts to it and covers investigative journalist, Dan Casolaro`s unexplained death, in August of 1991), and finally, Charles Morgan, which I`ll touch on briefly today, leaving an option to return to this mystifying topic upon further careful scrutiny. 

These four UMs episodes are inter-related, in ways I haven`t quite completely fathomed yet (I suspect, no one else has properly connected the dots either). Just as a practical pointer, in case you desire to pursue a bit of amateur sleuthing on your own, the Charles C. Morgan segment is on the internet, but is not included in the Bizarre Murders Box of UMs; furthermore, only one part of Danny Casolaro is contained in the precious box.

The good news is, Part Two of Dan Casolaro is still on the internet; I will say, however, the print is rather bumpy and unfocused. Also, the Charles Morgan loop is rough going and a bit weathered throughout; perhaps, if we get lucky, NBC will re-issue pristine prints of some of these most ground-breaking episodes, since, I do believe, these three cold-cases are still unsolved, and may remain that way, permanently. 

What can I say, or what new questions can I ask (even the old questions should be okay to run by once again) about Charles C. Morgan`s murder in the desert (this certainly was no suicide!), outside of Tucson, Arizona in June of 1977?

To begin with, I watched the show three or four times, taking detailed notes, and (found myself) rewinding the tape several times, making sure I caught every nick and cranny of particulars I could find or notice. Afterwards, I discovered some additional gems when I did a Google search for Charles Morgan. 

The best article I could find, I suppose, was a PDF scan, directly posted from an Arizona Range News article first published on Thursday, June 21, 1990 (Bizarre murder had Willcox connection, by Don Devereux). I should mention, Don Devereaux is directly involved in all four of the UMs episodes, that are the current focus of my unworthy, random scribbles.

The UMs Charles Morgan chapter first aired on February 7, 1990, and as Don Devereux mentions in his piece, the seminal show generated more leads than any previous one had (I should emphasize too, many of these were reliable leads). But to make this simple, although it`s anything but easy, what kind of trouble had Chuck Morgan got himself mixed up in, beginning with the early 1970s? What do we know about his real estate escrow business? What`s this about a gold and platinum bullion operation Chuck was in charge of?

How did this scam work exactly? Was it a way to launder illegal activities at the behest of Organized Crime? Was the gold bullion smuggled over the border from Mexico? Did the two dollar bill found on Chuck Morgan`s body contain a cryptic message referencing the smuggle locale? 

What figures in the Mafia were pulling Morgan`s strings? How did Chuck originally connect up with these shady individuals? Was Morgan working under the direction of Tucson`s Joseph Bonanno Sr., in a vast land fraud scheme? What I wonder, is how Mister Morgan ever let himself get into this no-turning-back situation? 

The line from John Grisham`s novel The Firm comes back to haunt me once again. No one leaves the firm, Mitch, no one! I`ll readily admit, I`m just barely probing the top portion of the evidence; yea, I`ll agree, just barely scratching the surface! But boy, this is a big fish to catch; it doesn`t look as though much progress has ever been made over the past thirty-seven years, that moves towards a solution, unless I overlooked some vital documents on the internet?

Three items I have to mention, before I rest my weary fingers. One, is a question I heard posed by Robert Stack (and by Don Devereux), that is, was Chuck working undercover, possibly for the FBI or even for the CIA?

Two is, I was terribly puzzled by the hallucinogenic, apparently painted on Chuck`s throat, around the 23rd or 24th of March, 1977. This looks to me more like a method of torture employed by the CIA then the FBI; just a thought for you to ruminate on. Third is, I heard mention of the gold bullion scam emerging out of Southeast Asia (in the early 1970s); could this be a (crooked) sidebar consequence to our winding down of the Vietnam War? This is another area I`d like to see investigated (if it hasn`t already happened).