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Published:April 7th, 2014 14:24 EST

One-Ton Crocodile Captured in Uganda: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A monstrous, man-eating crocodile that tips the scales at 2,204 pounds has been captured in Kakira, a sub-county in Uganda.


The one-ton beast, which is believed to be just 103 lbs. lighter than the former world`s biggest crocodile, supposedly ate four people in Jinja and Mayuge districts near Lake Victoria."


The big croc may have dined on a few people, but I`m glad the villagers didn`t seek vengeance and turn him into a dozens of shoes and belts.

Nature is beautiful and inspiring and there`s room for all of God`s creatures, including one-ton crocodiles.

This beautiful and majestic creature is believed to be about 80-years-old, and he deserves to live the rest of his life in peace and tranquility in Murchison Falls National Park where he has been transferred.

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