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Published:April 8th, 2014 19:39 EST

Bucket List for Pooch Dying from Cancer: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Who says bucket lists are only for people?

After a boxer named Romeo was diagnosed with inoperable bone cancer, his owners set out to fulfill all their dog`s dreams by creating a bucket list for the pup.`


`I decided to put together a list of fun thing for us to do together, for example, riding a police car and fire engine, having a steak dinner, professional massage, try sushi and to go on a blind date with another boxer,` Romeo`s owner Riina Cooke explained."

Huffington Post

I think Riina`s heart is in the right place, but I doubt Romeo will derive much enjoyment from a massage or sushi.

But he will definitely enjoy the steak dinner, and what red-blooded American dog doesn`t enjoy riding in a police cruiser, or any vehicle for that matter?

My pooch, Mandy, is about seven-years-old, and hopefully she has a few more years to chase squirrels, bury bones, and run in the dog park.

I`m not going to create a bucket list for Mandy; she`s already living the life of Riley. I always share my dinner, as well as my breakfast and lunch with her, but there`s always dog food available for her to munch on.

During the spring and summer months I take her for long walks in the park, and the rest of the year I walk her around my neighborhood, regardless s if it`s cold, raining or snowing.

Mandy loves gnawing on bones, burying them, and then gnawing on them again. There are dozens of bones in my backyard, and dozens more buried under what used to be a well-manicured lawn.

Canines aren`t solitary animals, they thrive on human companionship, and it`s incumbent upon us to shower them with love.

Treat your pooch as if he only had a few months to live!

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