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Published:April 9th, 2014 11:28 EST

Why Was Ana Lilia Trujillo So Teeming With Ravenous Rage On June 9, 2013?

By John G. Kays

An initial impression of mine: Ana Lilia Trujillo is one extremely tough moll; I sure wouldn`t care to tangle with that dame! This gut-reactive feeling I get may be colored by the, at times, lurid, sensational, or even histrionic press coverage I`ve been slowly digesting, such as a drawing of blue stiletto high heels superimposed on a photo of a station wagon, probably parked at the Parklane high-rise condominium, where Dr. Andersson once lived (and lost his life, early Sunday morning, June 9, 2013)

Given my response to the verdict of guilty yesterday, and knowing I was lacking any level of detachment, as far as the facts are concerned, I thought to return to the original news coverage (mostly by way of the Houston Chronicle), dating back to the time when the Houston police first responded to Ana`s 911 call.

One early article caught my squinting eye; couple had tequila before fatal stiletto stabbing, by Robert Stanton and Yang Wang (Houston Chronicle, June 11, 2013). How much tequila was downed by the couple that night? I didn`t have a chance to cover the trial too closely, but did the bartender or the waitress who served them that night testify? 

What was the name of the club? Was it more of a classy joint, or did it trend towards blue collar? Was this a special occasion or was it just an ordinary outing? Had they been out drinking there before? And why were they drinking tequila? This seems like an unusual choice of alcohol for Dr. Alf Stefan Andersson; and how did he meet Ms. Trujillo anyway? Does class or profession figure in here?

This early article also references Dr. Andersson getting angry at this bar over another man wanting to buy Ana a drink; are there any witnesses who could elaborate more on what may have been the source for the tremendous row that night, that ultimately led to a high heel thrashing (to the victim, by the defendant)? 

In other words, what`s the drink buyer`s name? Had he ever known or met Ana in the past sometime? Why was he interfacing with the on again, off again, volatile couple? Did he testify in court? What I`m suggesting, is that usually, couples will keep to themselves, rather than communicate too much with others in the bar (well, maybe not always).

The cab driver that drove them home that fatal evening said that Ana acted belligerent and yelled at Alf quite a bit; this tells me something about the context of the night in question. As you can probably tell, this trial is almost over with, but I`m just now starting to look at the evidence, so I`m fairly far away from rendering a definitive judgment, as far as what I think really went down on June 9, 2013, in the exclusive Museum District of Houston. 

I was fishing around for one important sliver of information on the trial I heard abbreviated mention of, that favors the prosecution`s case. I found it! It`s an Associated Press piece posted on

Stiletto heel verdict: Ana Trujillo of Houston convicted of using shoe to fatally stab boyfriend, had what I was looking for. Okay, a star witness for the prosecution would have to be James Wells, who was also attacked by Ana Trujillo just two weeks before the brutal, pricey, blue stiletto high heel (we`ll call it slaughter, for lack of a more appropriate adjective)

Alright, so I`m beginning to stomp down on the yellow journalism, sensational foot peda, prominently displayed on the courtroom floor of this case; I`ll blame the Ana`s MO for my off-centered magnet of gravity, pulling me away from objectivity! Yea, it`s her fault I can`t make clear-headed calls, right! 

Okay, so I`m already in trouble before I can even get my engine revved-up. But hell, I heard, Ana bit James Wells on the head, pulled skin off his skull, and threatened him, You`re a dead man!  Trujillo even attacked another girlfriend of James Wells; her name is Chanda Ellison.Chanda had to use a stick to countermand an attack by Ana. What`s the date of this incident and where did it happen?

This is sizzling testimony, but I`d like to see this harrowing story expanded a bit. Why did James break up with Ana? Had he been dating her at the same time as Alf had? How`d these two get mixed up with this crazy woman in the first? I hope you`ll forgive me, but I`m just now entering the courthouse, just as everyone else is hitting the exits; story of my life, I`ll have to say.