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Published:April 13th, 2014 11:55 EST

'Noah' Screening Canceled after Movie Theater Floods

By Robert Paul Reyes

"It`s unclear if moviegoers entered the first screening of Noah at the Vue cinema in Exeter, England, two-by-two, but what is certain is that the theater had to cancel the movie because of flooding."



My review of the film NOAH:

The word "God" has been banished from the screenplay, although the word "Creator" is uttered several times, and at one point Noah rages at an entity he calls The Creator. God only knows who Noah was referring to: Al Gore? The director?

God is an integral character in the Biblical account of the flood, banishing God from Noah is like omitting Moby Dick from a film based on the novel. I don`t care if the director is a Christian or an atheist; it`s patently ridiculous not to make the deity the central focus of Noah.

Maybe God is a film critic, and He is exacting revenge for the filmmakers leaving Him out of movie where He deserves top billing.

Jehovah didn`t cause the Thames River to flood to cancel the screening of NOAH ; the flood was caused by a malfunctioning ice machine.

I don`t claim any divine inspiration, but my advice is don`t waste your money on NOAH.

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