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Published:April 14th, 2014 13:58 EST

$30 Million UFO Hotel to Open in the Middle of the Desert! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"If you have driven from Los Angeles to Las Vegas you probably noticed the signs for Alien Fresh Jerky. You might have even stopped to try it out. If so, you witnessed the UFO and alien spectacle that is the Alien Fresh Jerky store. Aliens can be found climbing on the building and the sign. UFOs and alien automobiles are parked up front, complete with alien pilots/drivers.


The abundance of aliens and UFOs mirrors the abundance of beef jerky being sold at this road side attraction. Luis Ramallo, the owner of Alien Fresh Jerky, has been selling so much jerky that he recently built a 6,000 square foot Mediterranean-style home next to his shop. However, he is no longer satisfied with simply adding more alien dolls and UFOs to the store. He now has plans to build a 31 room UFO hotel."

Open Minds

San Bernardino County`s Board of Supervisors signed off on the 30 million project and gave Ramallo the green light to proceed with construction.

God bless America, all it takes is a measly $30 million to bring your lunatic idea to fruition. Ramallo has made a small fortune selling Alien Fresh Jerky and UFO-related trinkets, but will his UFO hotel take off?

Damn Skippy it will, there are enough UFO true believers to fill a 300 room hotel in Las Vegas, Ramallo will have no problem filling his 31 room hotel with looney birds who want to get their freak on in a UFO-themed hotel.

The UFO hotel will give birth to a host of other businesses; I can imagine an escort company handing out flyers outside the hotel featuring alien escorts. Just spray paint your run-of-the-mill hooker green, and she will be transformed into an exotic alien from Uranus. UFO believers are easy marks and all sorts of dubious enterprises will seek to take advantage of the guest staying at the UFO hotel.

I`m a skeptic but I just might book a room at the UFO hotel, I figure I will have no problem convincing the female guests that I`m an ambassador from the planet Eros and that  I`m on a galactic mission to bring peace, love, harmonic convergence and erotic fulfillment to female earthlings.

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