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Published:April 14th, 2014 11:04 EST
Kansas City Serial Highway Shooter Strikes Again; One Dead, One Critical, This Time!

Kansas City Serial Highway Shooter Strikes Again; One Dead, One Critical, This Time!

By John G. Kays

Who`s responsible for a series of random shootings on Kansas City`s highways, over a period of a month or more (March 8-April 6)? Levels of tension and fear there in KC must be tremendous; yesterday I was researching the troubled serial shootings, when I saw the news flash of shootings at a Jewish Community Center, also in the Kansas City area. My first impulse made me wonder whether these anti-semitic acts of violence possibly could be connected to the highway shootings; I concluded, the two clusters of firearm insanity most likely were unrelated, but then I thought to myself, this crazy man, Frazier Glenn Cross, just upped the anti for city-wide fear and tension!

Now, after separating these two crime sprees, I`m returning to an approach of trying to make sense of what information we have available that`s been confirmed as solid; by solid, I mean the bunch of shootings that are the acts of this lone highway shooter (or it is possible there`s more than one party doing it). Well, some of these shootings have been determined to be unrelated to the serial ones; sometimes they`re a one off, which may be a result of road rage, commonly ascribed to as the motive in these types of incidents, that seem to be escalating, as roads in urban centers of the U.S. get more and more crowded.

With that thought in mind, that some shootings are unique and unrelated to to the newest wave of serial shootings, which are cropping up in an area known as the  Grandview Triangle, still, I suspect the motive of this current individual could very well be similar to an all-too-common condition we know as ROAD RAGE *(a person with a powerful vehicle, a hot temper, and a high-caliber, loaded pistol on the carseat confronts somebody else with the exact same specs!) Alright, so maybe this KC serial road shooter is a little more cold and calculated in his approach; the motive might have something to do with a divorce or possibly with a job that went south, you never know.

Or the perpetrator may be just flat out and out crazy; this was the case with Charles A. McCoy, who committed 23 shootings on the highways of Ohio in 2003 and 2004. One person died as a result of his freeway sprees; McCoy had been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic in 1996, 7 years before his rampages started. McCoy`s weapon of choice was a 9 millimeter handgun; one reporter from KSHB mentioned that the current shooter may be using a 9 millimeter also, but this hasn`t been confirmed. When one looks at some of these very large bullet holes in cars of fortunate victims (they were shot at, but didn`t lose their lives, at least), one might get the impression, a very powerful weapon`s being used.

As of last Monday, 13 incidents were thought to be the work of the same person, but that number rose to 20, once the police had done more investigating, and as more victims began to notice their cars had bullet holes in them (first they had to report it, then the KC police had to verify it - these things often can take some time). Some of these people don`t want their names printed in the paper, for fear this nut will seek them out and eliminate them; we can`t fault them on this account! The number of sickos willing to act out on their disturbed fantasies has shown a steady rise over the past few years; anonymity is usually a blessing.

While an absolute trend has not yet been established, the gunman seems to follow cars when they exit freeways, then shoots several times into their car with a handgun, and from another vehicle. One witness mentioned the gunman was wearing a ski mask and a hood, so this is an important clue to keep in mind. McCoy tended to shoot from overpasses down on cars; this new MO is a little different, where the perpetrator follows cars when they get on access roads, then discharges his firearm when no other cars are around. Still, this may not be a definite pattern; of course, once he reads in the paper what his pattern is thought to be, he`ll change it around dramatically. All and all, a very scary situation appears to be crystalizing in Kansas City.

*Oh no! Just read, one person was shot dead and one was critically injured in KC last night, near Interstate 635 and Interstate 70.