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Published:April 14th, 2014 15:07 EST

Wheel of Fortune Contestant Fails to Solve Puzzle Even With All the Letters Revealed

By Robert Paul Reyes

Watching " Jeopardy" makes me feel intellectually-challenged; the erudite contestants usually yell the correct answer while I`m still trying to form the first word.


However I feel like a brainiac when I watch "Wheel of Fortune", some of the contestants just don`t have a clue  --  literally.

Julian Batts will go down in history as the most clueless contestant in the history of game shows; he was participating in the " Wheel of Fortune" College Week, when he squandered his chance to play for a cool million.

Homeboy was staring at a puzzle with all of the letters turned over, and he lost because he failed to pronounce all the words correctly.

The answer was "Mythological Hero Achilles," but the Indiana University freshman incorrectly pronounced "Achilles" as "A-chill-us."

Julian Batts is black, and his "deer caught in the headlights moment", will unfortunately be interpreted as typical black ignorance by legions of racists.

Brother I feel your pain, when you`re a minority you can`t afford an epic fail on national TV.