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Published:April 18th, 2014 11:18 EST

Pet Cat Attacks Family, Sends Three to Hospital

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Three Roseville residents and were taken to the hospital Tuesday night after they were attacked by a pet cat.


The three were treated for superficial wounds. The year-and-a-half-old cat - named Khat - clawed the face of its owner`s sister, as well as the arms and legs of its owner`s mother. It caused deep gashes on the legs of its owner`s 10-year-old brother. Khat was taken to the SPCA."


When a cat acts catty or downright mean, it`s usually the owner`s fault. Khat was probably upset over his owner`s lack of imagination.  Naming a cat " Khat"? Really?

The besieged family called 911, and firefighters responded.  They threw a fire blanket on the feline and tossed him into a cage, trapping the terrified kitty.

The family`s name wasn`t released, per their request. They don`t want to be ridiculed online for the rest of their lives.

No word on what the family plans on doing with the kitty cat.

This temperamental kitty needs love, pampering and the tender ministration s of a cat whisperer. Calling Jackson Galaxy!

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