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Published:April 21st, 2014 11:32 EST
Why Did Kansas City HWY Shooter, Mohammad Whitaker, Drop Off a Walmart Bag of Ammo?

Why Did Kansas City HWY Shooter, Mohammad Whitaker, Drop Off a Walmart Bag of Ammo?

By John G. Kays

Citizens from Kansas City must feel a great deal of relief, what with the arrest late Thursday of Mohammad Whitaker, 27 (from Grandview, Missouri), likely responsible for some 20 odd random shootings, of moving cars on Kansas City`s freeways. 

I felt a great deal of tension and fear myself (a few weeks ago), when watching the news that suggested this nut was a serial sniper, reminiscent of several older cases that shared commonalties with this present outbreak. The relief I felt when witnessing Whitaker`s arrest (on TV) may have equalled those there, residing in the Midwest, as it comes on the heels of Good Friday, just in time, making it a peaceful, happy Easter for all!

Yet now that it`s Monday morning and everybody has to return to work, as well as confront the reality wakeup call of tougher more violent news stories, I felt an urgency to retrace once again the tremulous details of the Kansas City HWY sniper, feeling a need to answer some nagging questions, itching away perilously at my insides. 

I located quite a few good articles on the internet that answered several of my irritating questions on how the police were able to catch him and arrest him. This was helpful for me, up to point, but then I started thinking about the psychological angle, the possible motive behind this young troubled man`s corse of action, and with this thought query I ran smack-dab into a cul-de-sac, a dead end that was getting me nowhere.

Let me just state unequivocally, in this case, the public, calling in many pertinent clues, worked superbly with the KCP, the FBI, and ATF. I mean, to put it bluntly, this Whitaker character was simply cruising around the freeways of Kansas City in his green sedan (you can see it getting impounded in news footage), stealthily stalking random drivers, wearing a black ski mask and sunglasses, and firing a weapon we now know was/is a .380 caliber handgun, into the side of the closest car he could find. 

I don`t know that much about this type of gun, but I did see the effects of its forceful discharge on the news; gigantic gaping bullet holes, you could drive a Mac truck through, pulverized and penetrated sturdy auto-steel!

The way he gets caught is fairly easy to understand; I mean, one witness driver saw him acting suspicious, swerving around some, then taking down his license plate number. After this, law enforcement found him and began tailing him, as he did his strange thing. 

Then they caught him trying to purchase another one of these same type of powerful handguns; this absolutely surprised me, why would he need another one of these .380s?  The greatest source of puzzlement (for me), is the discovery of a Walmart bag filled with .380 ammunition on the side of the road; why, I thought to myself, would Mohammad toss this bag out of his window?

Was it right after one of his shootings, so he gets very paranoid and thinks he`s about to be stopped by the cops; well, this is certainly what got him popped, he left good fingerprints on the Walmart bag! So what about his priors? Will the Kansas City Star tell us what those prior arrests were for? 

I heard mention they were merely minor; so what`s the cause making Mohammad Whitaker snap suddenly (his spree runs primarily from March 8-April 6 - the one were aware of, anyway)? His father told the Star, he wasn`t even aware his son had a gun or had ever fired a gun.This is indeed very strange! And what do we know about his developing career or his schooling? Had he always been a loner?

The KCS talked to one great witness, Kevin Cooksey, a neighbor who lived across the street from the suspect, who said he would come and go at odd hours, and when he`d return, he`d turn out the lights and just sit there in his car (The dude was like a ghost!, exclaimed Cooksey). Wonder what thoughts were going through his mind? Who or what had so angered him? What was his childhood like? Why was he on administrative leave from OptumRx, a division of United Health Group? (Kansas City Star)

Why did Mohammad drop out of technical school, where he was studying biomedical equipment repair? (USA Today) Currently, the police have built a solid case with at least 11 felony charges that will stick in court, but now we need to know the reason(s) behind his unspeakable serial crime spree. My latest theory is, he was begging to get caught before he actually killed someone; how does that sit with you?