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Published:April 22nd, 2014 14:12 EST

CATable Desk: Purrfect for Writers and their Cats!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"We love multifunction furniture and we love sharing, so what`s not to love about this desk that you can share with your cat? Catitecture is evidently the term for architecture designed for cats; Caturniture doesn`t seem to be a thing, but might be more appropriate for this lovely desk that accommodates people and cats at the same time."



I have two cats, Ebony weighs about 12 pounds and Tico tips the scales at 24 pounds. Tico`s girth prevents him from jumping on top of my computer table, but as soon as I turn my computer on, Ebony jumps on my computer table, leisurely strolls on my keyboard, and playfully bats at my hands.

Ebony is my muse, my inspiration, is it any wonder that I write so many cat-related articles?

But not every writer can concentrate when his kitty considers his computer table his own personal playground.

The CATable is the ideal solution; the desk features a smooth workspace on top with cubby holes just big enough for a kitten to crawl through below. While you are writing the Great American Novel, your kitty is having a ball exploring the cubby holes.

The tunnels underneath the table are big enough to accommodate an average size cat, but I`m sure Tico couldn`t fit his fat head through the cubby hole, never mind his enormous stomach.

There is no reason why you can`t write in a peaceful environment while your cat has the time of his life.

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