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Published:April 22nd, 2014 20:58 EST
Timeless Thoughts: 3 Types of Learning!

Timeless Thoughts: 3 Types of Learning!

By James R. Murray

Timeless Thoughts: 3 Types of Learning with The `Amazin` James R. Murray on The SOP Radio Network

The first way to learn is repetition which is the most easiest but the most boring. The second way to learn is through emotion but can often mean a mistake. The third way to learn is though interest. When we are interested in a subject we tend to listen...


James R. Murray is a professional clown and experienced seminar leader, speaker, teacher and facilitator who enjoys audiences of 1 to 5,000. Instinctively realizing that there are vast differences in personalities and learning styles, Jim adjusts each presentation to enrich all concerned.

Throughout his diverse career Jim has always found himself involved with the process of self-discovery. This approach is contagious during any event with him. Those who participate with Jim will find an enjoyable learning experience.

Life is rich and fascinating and often frustrating too. Jim`s words to live by: "Enjoying Today for a Better Tomorrow"

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