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Published:April 23rd, 2014 17:09 EST

SOP Readers Blast Robert Paul Reyes for His UFO Tomfoolery Article

By SOP newswire3

Readers had plenty to say about Robert Paul Reyes` article:


Outrage: Library to Host UFO and Bigfoot Lecture! Say No to UFO Tomfoolery!

Science is a tool that helps us understand our world and our place in the universe. Good " science utilizes objective empirical observations in order to help us draw conclusions. Good science minded people are able to challenge their own assumptions, put aside what they think they know, analyzes both sides, updates his views and opinions to conform with the facts, and draws conclusions on the best available evidence. What better place to do that then the library, a place to expand your mind and learn new subjects " as you say.

Scientism on the other hand, has evolved to where people, who purport to defend science, are actually projecting their faith based beliefs, are highly selective and subjective, where an extreme bias exists in them rather than any form of objectivity.

The irony here in your post - Outrage: Library to Host UFO and Bigfoot Lecture! Say No to UFO Tomfoolery! - is that as you position yourself as a defender of good science, you have actually assumed the faith based position of the church 400 plus years ago, who ridiculed and challenged anyone who dared to think outside the box, who challenged their orthodox view of the world. Your terms junk science " can easily be substituted with false religion ", abomination " with heresy, "outrage" with sacrilegious " "

Kevin G.

I found your writeup for Stan Gordon`s lecture to be somewhat heavy handed. Although you`re entitled to your opinion, perhaps you should consider that Stan has been seriously researching these topics for about 30 years, and his book Silent Invasion is heavily footnoted with news articles and interviews with first responders, armed forces and law enforcement (ie: trained observers) regarding anomolous events. Open your mind and be thankful for anything that gets anyone to question the status quo and set foot in a library instead of staying rooted to their couches in front of the tv.


S. Minton

I believe your outrage has prejudice and closed-mindedness at its root.

In addition to a stupendous amount of garbage, there is also a simply un-dismissible body of evidence and research to place UFO`s as a fact of life.  What, where, why and such are another question " one which also has the same mix of available information.  But the fact that there is a worldwide phenomenon of sightings and experiences that cannot be explained without challenging some big chunks of accepted truth " is undeniable.  A great challenge for people looking to expand their minds.

There are some good publications that have very conservatively screened the case files for super-high-quality witnesses, multiple independent observers, physical evidence, etc.   I would encourage you to challenge yourself to open your mind and give some of this material a fair reading.  I think you will be surprised and intrigued.  You may even find yourself lecturing at a Library one day on what you find.



Dave H.

Hi Robert I just read your comment on the ufo Bigfoot talk at the library and wanted to say Hear hear! It`s time people stopped thinking libraries were open forums for discussing subjects like this.
Proper group think science yes, but not this junk.
After all If there was anything to it people like you and I would surely know all about it first. The fact that we don`t is proof of its spuriousness.
Well. Thank goodness people like you are willing to curtail peoples natural wonder and curiosity about this fully understood and largely mundane universe in which we live all by ourselves. I for one applaud you and hope that your plea doesn`t fall on deaf ears. If it does, you could always hang around the library and set off the sprinklers with a strategically held zippo lighter on the day.
Anyway enough gushing admiration. Good luck with destroying the talk, and please keep the flame of moderate, consensus agreement burning beacon bright!

Paul R.


Hi Robert-  Perhaps you might consider looking under the hood yourself to see if the official story on this taboo subject is any more accurate than the official stories on all the other taboo subjects.  We keep finding out, from various whistle-blowers sacrificing their lives to help us peek inside the `official story generators` domain, how deceptive official stories usually are, often the complete opposite of what the actual facts turn out to be.  Perhaps there is something as well to this so-called UFO subject along those same lines. ?

  Here (below) is a historian of the National Security apparatus who stumbled into very sobering evidence, irrefutable if you look for yourself, coming from decades of official military documents and testimonials from high-level military officers.  If we are to rescue ourselves from the hypnotic spell of the "official stories" and look skeptically at the real evidence, what might we find ourselves re-thinking?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Richard Dolan


As someone who has had an interest in such topics for over 40 years now, I take exception to your perception of UFOs and bigfoot.   Regarding the topic of bigfoot - consider the following.

  • Sightings of a humanoid type hairy creature have occurred all over the world for centuries.   In each case, the native peoples of each country make a clear distinction in their vocal and written traditions between mythical creatures and flesh-and-blood ones like bigfoot.  Native Americans are a notable example of this thinking.  Read the "Hoopa Project" written by a retired California detective David Paulides who has obtained signed and sworn affidavits from modern Native Americans that these sightings are still going on in the modern day in their forested, mountainous reservation area.  Colonists in early America also reported encountering "wild hairy men" as well.  Are they certified wing-nuts too?  

  • Sightings of bigfoot have been reported in every state in the United States except Hawaii by a wide variety of eyewitnesses including military personnel, police officers, forest rangers, and people with one if not several advanced educational degrees - including previous skeptics such as yourself.  Why?  To what end? 

  • Jeff Meldrum a tenured professor of anatomy who wrote his dissertation on the evolution of the locomotion of primates has studied hundreds of bigfoot casts and knows the difference between a hoaxed footprint and a genuine one because that`s his area of expertise.   He analyzes footprints to the nth degree - including the formation of dermal ridges in the casts.   Do you know what a dermal ridge is?   Do you think a hoaxer would?

  • The amount of wilderness in this country is enormous.  My own home state of Oklahoma includes the Quachita forest range which spans across the borders Oklahoma and Arkansas to include 1.6 million acres of wilderness.   Such expanses are peppered throughout our great country and are hotbeds of bigfoot sightings.   To say that - from what thousands of witnesses describe - a highly intelligent, scarcely populated humanoid like creature could not evade human detection in these areas demonstrates the general population`s lack of knowledge of the topic itself - and how much wilderness- much of it still unexplored is out there.   Indeed, the disproportionate amount of bigfoot sightings are reported by hunters - a segment of the population who does spend time in these areas.  Even if you throw out 90%  of these sightings as miss identifications, hoaxes, or reports in a drunken state - what do you do with the remainder who swear they saw a bigfoot?

  • Go ahead throw out another 90 percent of bigfoot pictures, videos, inconclusive as tested hair samples, unidentified audio recordings, footprint casts, and other trace evidence.  What about the other 10 percent that can`t be thrown out?   Such evidence does exist and probably represents a greater percentage than what`s cited here. 

I could cite similar bullets related to the topic of UFOs except for the fact that it`s interesting to note that we`ve gone from a scientific community in the past quarter century who said that earth-like planets are probably rare in our universe to a scientific community who says that there are probably billions of earth-like planets in our galaxy alone and as a result most likely hundreds of thousands of civilizations who have evolved to the point of intergalactic travel.  The obvious question then is:  Where are they?   The obvious answer is right in front of our face in the form of aircraft beyond the capabilities of our own reported by the hundreds of thousands over hundreds of years.  I`m also continually amused by the question that`s asked, "So why haven`t they landed on the front lawn of the White House and shook hands with the president?"  Asking such a question towards a civilization that has mastered interstellar travel is similar to asking why we haven`t tried creating diplomatic relations with ground squirrels.  We have no interest or reason to do so.  Although, it is also interesting to note that there are plenty of witnesses who say contact has been made in one form or another - once again - by thousands of eyewitnesses to such events. 

The sheer mass of people reporting such phenomenon is reason enough to interest people like me -  and our numbers are growing.  Why?  Either we are on the edge of the most monumental, historical discovery of a living thing and civilization(s) ever discovered?  Or we are looking at a mass-hallucination phenomenon that is unparalleled in the history of mankind - that likewise deserves our attention. 

I submit discussing and obtaining knowledge on either one of these topics has no better setting BUT a library!

John O

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