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Published:April 25th, 2014 10:00 EST
Ten Characters That Everyone Wants to See in Super Smash Bros.

Ten Characters That Everyone Wants to See in Super Smash Bros.

By Derek Sanders

Nintendo recently conducted a Nintendo Direct video announcement about one of their big upcoming releases, the fighting game Super Smash Bros. 4. Among all of the other pieces of news surrounding the game, one of the things that gamers pay the most attention to is the playable characters announced for the roster. So far, six new characters have been added to the roster with more to be announced later. As a game including characters from several different franchises, gamers everywhere have ideas of who they want to see in the game and several fan-made rosters or moveset lists show their opinions in detail with some characters showing up more frequently than others.

((NOTE: To clarify, this is not a top ten list. These characters are not listed in any particular order. In addition, this list will not include characters that have been officially announced for the game like Mega Man or Little Mac.))

Bowser Jr. (Super Mario Bros.) " Since being introduced in the GameCube game Super Mario Sunshine, Bowser Jr. has become a regularly recurring character in the Mario franchise. He is the son of main series antagonist Bowser and often helps him in his plans for kidnapping Princess Peach and taking over the Mushroom Kingdom. In addition to being able to breathe fire like his father, he also makes use of the large Magic Paintbrush, and is hinted to have some talent in mechanics, showing up before the robotic bosses in the Super Mario Galaxy series.

King K. Rool (Donkey Kong Country) " The leader of the Kremling Army, a group of villainous crocodiles, King K. Rool is the main antagonist of the early Donkey Kong Country video games. Battles with him have seen him making use of his large size and some have had him playing different roles like a boxer in DK 64 or a pirate in DKC 2. Even though the current Donkey Kong Country games have used different antagonists, K. Rool is still a memorable part of this series.

Ridley (Metroid) " The main antagonist of the Metroid series and main enemy of Samus Aran, Ridley is a draconic alien monster and the leader of the Space Pirates. Keeping with his dragon-like appearance, Ridley makes use of sharp claws, fast flight, a spear-like tail, and fire breath in battle and is a fast and brutal combatant. Ridley has already been seen in the Smash Bros. series before. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Ridley was one of the boss characters in the game`s Adventure mode, The Subspace Emissary. Due to the size he was portrayed as in that game, some say that Ridley is too big to be used as a character while supporters argue that he can be scaled down.

Krystal (Star Fox) " One of the common topics regarding the roster for Smash Bros. is that the game needs more female playable characters. One of the most popular requested female characters is Krystal from the Star Fox series. First appearing in Star Fox Adventures for the GameCube, Krystal is found by series protagonist Fox McCloud on the Dinosaur Planet Sauria and she assists him in saving the planet from a conquering force. She is shown to have joined the Star Fox team of space fighters in later games so she has some experience in using the series sci-fi weaponry, but the original game showed her as a more magical character and fans say that she could use the staff from Adventures as her main weapon in combat.

Mewtwo (Pokemon) " One of the legendary Pokemon from the first Pokemon games, a main character in three of its animated movies, and a playable fighter in the second Smash Bros., Mewtwo is one of the most popular characters in the Pokemon series. Created by the criminal organization Team Rocket, he was cloned using the DNA of the ancient Pokemon Mew. He is one of the most powerful psychic-type Pokemon in existence and after escaping from Team Rocket, he goes out in search of his place in the world. In the transition from Super Smash Bros. Melee to Brawl, Mewtwo was one of five characters cut from the roster and fans are eager to see him return.

The Masked Man (Mother 3) " Not much can be said about this character without spoiling the story of Mother 3, the sequel to popular Nintendo RPG EarthBound, but the Masked Man is the second-in-command for the game`s main villains, the Pig Mask Army. He serves as a difficult boss in different parts of the game, attacking with a sword and psychic abilities (referred to in-game as PSI). Gamers who have played this game and know who the character is behind the mask think that this would make a good addition to the roster alongside current EarthBound/Mother representatives Ness and Lucas.

Isaac (Golden Sun) " With Smash Bros. being primarily a Nintendo crossover fighter, some fans look for representation from a wide range of Nintendo franchises. One frequently mentioned series is Golden Sun, a series of role-playing games for Nintendo`s handheld systems, and the most frequently mentioned character from it is Isaac, the main character of the first game. In the game, Isaac is a swordsman also equipped with the setting`s form of magic known as Psynergy and is tasked with protecting the world from a powerful magical force sealed away several years prior. Helping in fans argument for his inclusion is the fact that Isaac was already featured in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as an assist character.

Geno (Super Mario RPG) " Geno is one of the main characters of the Super NES game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, a collaboration between Nintendo and Squaresoft (now Square-Enix). The game received high critical acclaim and has gone on to become a cult classic, serving as the template for other Mario role-playing games like the Paper Mario series and the Mario & Luigi series. In the game, Geno is a doll possessed by a celestial spirit who has been tasked with repairing the Star Road. He is mostly being requested so much because of how vocal fans of the game are for his inclusion, but since he is at least partially owned by Square-Enix, he would count as a third-party character and may not be a likely inclusion.

Sora (Kingdom Hearts) " With the inclusion of third-party characters starting in Brawl, several people have been requesting their favorite characters all across the gaming landscape. One of the more popular third-party characters has been Sora, the main character from the Square-Enix/Disney game series Kingdom Hearts. With a cast including several characters from classic Disney movies and Square-Enix video games, Sora is one Kingdom Hearts` many original characters. Wielding the series` iconic weapon, the Keyblade, Sora travels through dimensions to save them from an army of monsters called the Heartless. With Kingdom Hearts` becoming one of the most popular RPG series ever made, several people have been calling for this this character`s inclusion.

Simon Belmont (Castlevania) " With Konami`s popular Metal Gear series represented in Smash Bros. playable roster with protagonist Solid Snake, gamers have looked to another popular Konami series for another possible inclusion. Castlevania has been a popular side-scrolling adventure game since the early years of the industry and one of its most popular heroes is Simon Belmont, a vampire hunter looking to enter the game`s titular castle and end the reign of terror of Dracula and his legions of monsters. As the main hero of a classic game series still relevant today, many gamers wish to see Simon fighting alongside other gaming icons like Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Mega Man.