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Published:April 27th, 2014 11:37 EST

Grumpy Cat Makes Appearance on American Idol: Grumpy Cat Hates Idol!

By Robert Paul Reyes

When American Idol  hired the despicable Nicki Minaj as a judge, I vowed never again to write about the show. I didn`t want to publicize Idol; my desire was to let the anti-family values program slowly wither on the vine.


Idol ratings are in the gutter, is it any surprise that a show with gutter values has finally struck out with the American public?

But I love cats, and when Grumpy Cat made an appearance on Idol I had to write just one more Idol article.

The perpetually grumpy feline made a guest appearance on Idol, and let`s just say she wasn`t amused. Grumpy Cat`s dour expression perfectly summed up the way Americans feel about Idol`s betrayal of its original family-friendly values.

Grumpy Cat wasn`t shy about venting on her Twitter account:

I was on @American Idol. It was awful

Even Grumpy Cat can`t save American Idol, let`s hope Fox will finally cancel the abomination.

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