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Published:April 28th, 2014 14:08 EST

Grumpy Cat: Perfect Judge for American Idol: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

Grumpy Cat owns the Internet; she has her own Facebook page with over 5 million likes and a Twitter page with over 200,000 followers.


Grumpy Cat has made numerous appearances on TV shows; she`s very much an in-demand celebrity.

Grumpy`s recent appearance on American Idol is easily the highlight in the show`s long history. She entertained the contestants, excited the audience, and even had the judges catering to her every whim.

Not even Grumpy Cat can save American Idol from cancelation, but wouldn`t it be nice if Idol went out with a bang by making her a judge for the rest of the season?

Jennifer Lopez is hot, but let`s face it she`s past her prime. Grumpy Cat is in the prime of her life, and all the paparazzi are clamoring to snap pics of her.

Grumpy isn`t easily impressed, and she`s not about to bestow false praise on contestants. She`s a loveable version of Simon Cowell; the contestants would do to their best to impress her.  

But serving as a judge on the abominable American Idol may be beneath a celebrity of Grumpy Cat`s stature.

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