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Published:April 28th, 2014 10:46 EST
The Midwestern Tornado Stories Contrast Sharply with Hokey Beverly Hills Celebration Saga!

The Midwestern Tornado Stories Contrast Sharply with Hokey Beverly Hills Celebration Saga!

By John G. Kays

Ar first it seemed like it would be a good idea to cover late yesterday`s weather story; I mean, the devastating tornadoes that struck much of the Midwest, especially hitting a wide path on the outskirts of Little Rock, Arkansas, such as Mayflower. According to the latest reports, 14 people died in the spontaneous tornado rampage, most of them in Arkansas. News footage from a birds-eye vantage point gives us a good idea of the destruction reeked (it was an EF3)! 

After researching the Midwestern tornado tumult a good deal, I suddenly happened on a social and economically contrasting item in the news that caught my eagle eye, sent my head a spinning; okay, so it dominated my attention! I`m referring naturally to the centennial celebration of Beverly Hills` existence, which went down Sunday afternoon at the Luxe Hotel and its surrounding block, on exclusive Rodeo Drive. 

The main hook to this classy but prosaic tune, is a 15,000-slice cake was constructed by a Big Time pastry chef by the name of Donald Wressell (is that all there is?)  

Okay, so I`ll readily admit, my problem of deciding which story is the better one to cover, is minor, when you compare it to say, what the people of Mayflower, Arkansas are experiencing, since many have lost all their worldly possessions and their homes, and in some case, even a family member. 

Furthermore, and this is on a much smaller scale, the feat that Donald Wressell had to accomplish, planning for more than a year, creating a blueprint for this gigantic Beverly Hills birthday cake, then actually commissioning various auxiliary chefs to put together component parts of the cake project (must be thought of as a Herculean effort) compared to my paltry decision of what to scoop.

Eureka! While sipping some pungent java bean, I reconciled the trial and tribulation of teeter-tottering dubiousness, and settled on maintaining stewardship of both news items, which magically create yet a new headline, vaporizing when you balance them on a scale. It`s almost like the Beverly Hillbillies, with only one strong distinction you have to make: it isn`t one single bit funny! 

It`s not Beverly Hills` fault these tornadoes hit just as they were having their small occasion of a centennial. Yet, as people thumb through Google or Yahoo News, they`ll quickly take notice of the black and white disparity of social and economic specifications; one group is worried about death and destruction, while the other had some absurd worries about a cupola or chocolate dome, that apparently toppled over on the plane, flying in from Seattle to Los Angeles.

These two events are in no way connected, so why am I trying to merge them (it`s like a bad train wreck)? One clue to this Unsolved Mystery, comes to me as I take a second look at (what I`ll call) the Beverly Hills Cake Story Fiasco. Most of the major pieces were written and posted beforehand, running up to and in anticipation of the Rodeo Drive (non) event, which was happening late yesterday afternoon. 

The best and most comprehensive article on the hoopla appeared in the Los Angeles Times on Friday, April 25th, For Beverly Hills` centennial, a 15,000-slice cake-of course. However, I must point out, no followup pieces appeared after the BH celebration. Humm, wonder why that is?

Could this be because, once the flurry of tornadoes racks (pulverizes) the Midwest, the inconsequential, self-indulgent, extravagantly filthy rich-oriented, selfish, needless narcissism of this trivial affair, would so markedly and offensively contrast with the inclement weather related tragedy (of mostly Arkansas); thus, it would be an outrage to every American, one unheard of in the annals of modern journalism. 

But I took notice of it anyhow, so the damage was already done; it looks to me like the Three Stooges have just tossed that pretty Tower of a Birthday Cake right (cost $200 K) in the puss of Beverly Hills-ers!,0,4746133.story