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Published:April 30th, 2014 16:01 EST

Couthouse Twerking Ends in Drug Arrests: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Inappropriate dancing and public urination in front of Beaverton City Hall led to the arrest of three women Monday, a Beaverton Police Department spokesman has confirmed.


BPD Officer Mike Rowe said two of the women  " 20-year-old Brittany Medak and 22-year-old Leokham Yothsombath " accompanied Coura Christie Valazquez to municipal court Monday afternoon.

When Valazquez, also 20, finished paying a fine, she and Medak began twerking and exposing their genitals  in front of city hall in plain view of those near the municipal court`s windows, Rowe said. Medak then lifted her skirt and urinated between two cars, according to the officer."


Valazquez evidently committed an infraction, and went to City Hall to pay a fine, with her skanky friends in tow.

If I entered City Hall to pay a fine, I would depart with my head lowered in shame. But Valazquez and her two buddies celebrated paying the fine by twerking, and exposing their genitals, one of the young ladies even lifted her skirt and urinated. This spectacle took place in front of Beaverton City Hall, shocking onlookers and prompting good citizens to call the police.

The young ladies left, but didn`t get more than a few blocks before they were pulled over by a police officer. The cop found cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana in the vehicle and the three lovely ladies were taken into custody.

With drugs and weed in their vehicle it`s no wonder the precious young girls didn`t celebrate the joy of being young and stupid by breaking into an impromptu ballet or singing hymns.

One of the brainiacs recorded the entire sorry incident in her cellphone, the cops have all the evidence they need to nail them.

Parents take a good look at the mugshots of these young women, and be ready to disinherit your son if he introduces one of these tramps as his girlfriend:


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