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Published:May 1st, 2014 10:01 EST

Famous Celebs With Quirky Body Parts: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Victoria`s Secret model Kurkova caused quite a stir when she walked the runway in 2008 during a Victoria`s Secret fashion show in Miami exposing a belly button-less midriff.  But admirers noticed a perfect belly button in her photos " the result of clever retouching. `She had an operation when she was an infant,` her rep told the NY Daily News. It`s likely that her childhood surgery was for an umbilica hernia, which can distort the appearance of the belly button."



If a woman I`m interested in tells me that she doesn`t have a belly button, I will never call her again. Who wants to hook up with a soulless clone or a sideshow freak?  But if a hot celeb or a model doesn`t have a belly button, that`s no problem, our eyes aren`t going to be focused on her midriff.

Kurkova isn`t the only celeb with a quirky body part; Carrie Underwood was born with a third nipple. The country superstar had a third nipple removed, but as long as her vocal chords are intact it`s all good. British pop star Lily Allen also was born with a third nipple, but she hasn`t had her extra nipple removed. Allen will show off her third nipple to anyone who`s interested, there`s no shame in her game.

Aston Kutcher`s toes are slightly webbed, but he`s quacking all the way to the bank. Most women could care less if his manhood was webbed; all they care about is his fat wallet.

Halle Berry is said to have a sixth toe, pics depicting her having an extra toe are all over the Internet. The photos could have been digitally manipulated by females jealous of the sultry actress, but dudes wouldn`t mind if she had six extra toes, they`d gladly cut off their thumbs for the opportunity to hook up with her.

Even the most famous celebs have body imperfections: Love yourself just the way you are.

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