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Published:May 3rd, 2014 11:19 EST

High Driver Calls Cops on Drunken Driver: Both Morons Get Arrested

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An accident involving two impaired drives on the Taconic State Parkway resulted in both of them being arrested by New York State Police officers for being drunk and high.


Malcolm Sidbury called 911 after his car was allegedly side-swiped by Thomas Robbins as he tried to pass him. After the accident, Robbins drove away."


Thank goodness the drunkard and the junkie got into an accident with each other instead of injuring or killing a solid citizen.

Sidbury, 38, was outraged that Robbins, 57, drove away after the accident, and he called the cops. When the police eventually found the two gentlemen, they realized that Sidbury was under the influence of drugs, and when they gave Robbins a Breathalyzer test he failed.  

Sidbury was charged with one felony count of being higher than a kite, and Robbins with a felony count of being drunker than a skunk.

I hope these two jokers end up in the same cell.

Moral of this story, take your pick:

You can`t fix stupid!

Sometimes you just have to let things go!

Pot calling the kettle black

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