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Published:May 6th, 2014 15:42 EST
Summertime Treasure

Summertime Treasure

By Ernest Dempsey

(a poem by Nikolas Wong)

We walked down the shore,

trying to find something we could adore.

Sand never seemed so gold

in search for something so old.

Treasure, to be specific.

"We should have tried the Pacific," she lectured.

I shrugged and gestured.

Our eyes stayed keen for jewels fit for kings and queens.

"The possibilities are endless!" I chanted. 

"Slim none the less," she ranted.

We must have been quite amusing,

to the tourists "I`m assuming.

Their heads twisted, and turned

as we diligently continued in search for something to yearn.

"Shouldn`t they be in school?" a hefty tourist groaned.

"It`s Sunday dear," his wife nostalgically moaned.

They glared,

I stared, at the sand of course.

Which was now shimmering beneath my feet...

Oh this is neat!

I quickly haled over my fellow explorer

and began to shovel like a borer.

"This must be a great victory!" I began to shovel more vigorously.

Could it be a chest filled with history,

perhaps a lamp beholding great mystery?

Unfortunately no,

just an empty beer bottle to fill our disappointment.

Spirits lost, as we soon grew weary.

I took a step back and thought dearly...

"Well, we put up a good fight," trying to shed some light.

"You`re right!" she smiled. "Why don`t we just stay, and enjoy the day?"

I nodded as we came to a halt, and sat by the lighthouse,

watching what lay a few meters away:

a school of fish swimming across the bay,

a flock of seagulls squawking away.

Two worlds shifting as always,

but both just enjoying a wonderful day,

and so were we!

Until my stomach shouted a few words unpleasantly.

Thrashing like a serpent,

it grew louder then the crashing current.

Bashfully turning red,

I turned and said, "All this work makes me want to eat a giraffe."

"Then lets go find one," she laughed.

So we threw in the towel, and packed up our things,

after all the lunch bell rings.

We tried so hard to find something to adore,

but honestly I think I found something worth much more.

I stopped and said: that the best part of the day,

was spending time with you instead.

Author Note: The poem above was inspired by my adventuring during summer 2013.

About the Author

Nikolas Wong is a published author and illustrator. He is known for authoring the internationally recognized book The Coffee House and as the illustrator of the award-winning fantasy novel of the year Imaginary Friend written by Joel A. Alvarez. Wong currently lives in Gainesville, Florida, where he writes and assists various martial arts programs.