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Published:May 6th, 2014 10:50 EST
Was Julie Schenecker 'Legally Insane' When She Killed Her Two Kids, Calyx and Beau?

Was Julie Schenecker 'Legally Insane' When She Killed Her Two Kids, Calyx and Beau?

By John G. Kays

Yesterday Julie Schenecker`s trial began in Tampa (HLN calls her the Shaky Mom, but I`ve been calling her the Twitching Mom); we know the demented soccer mom shot and killed her two kids, Calyx, 16, and Beau, 13, but the real question is, was she legally insane at the time? 

Julie actively kept a journal before and after the evil act, which was read out loud in the courtroom Monday, by Tampa Police Department Crime Scene Technician Matthew Evans. Clearly her journal shows signs of murderous premeditation, but how zonked out was she on alcohol and powerful psychotropic drugs?

My own objectivity is greatly skewed, mainly for one reason; the news footage of a quivering, twitching, clearly pulverized moll, looped to the gills on substance, getting led away by police, keeps rolling past my eyes, projected from a gigantic HD screen, over and over again! 

If this is all I have to go on, then yea, I`m totally certain the gyrating soccer moll is 100% percent luny (off her rocker chair, Friendo!). Well, this is foolish on my part; I need to study the case and see what I can learn additionally. I think I`ll follow the trial more closely; this is really getting interesting!

As you watch Julie Schenecker today in a Tampa courtroom, she appears mostly normal to me. Although she does have an evil-appearing smirk or grimace on her face, she`s not at least shaking like a leaf, about ready to implode (or explode) from drug-induced madness. 

Okay, so maybe her marbles have had some time to settle down a bit; it`s been more than three years now since she did what she did and got promptly arrested for it. That`s enough time to chill out; it`s also enough time for some smart defense attorneys to construct a she was/is crazy defense strategy. I need to hear Jennifer Spradley`s opening statement in its entirety; it looks like she did a great job though.

The case can be made, I think, for a lifetime filled with mental issues; Julie was sexually abused several times when she was a child. And why did she leave the military after 10 years of service? Her defense attorney, Jennifer Spradley, claims it was because depression was kicking in and since she wanted to start a family. (People) 

But what if a deep depression was present all along? Is it possible it existed during all her years in military service, and possibly even earlier? And what about her husband Parker?

Did Parker know how bonkers Julie was before he married her? Did he ever notice any signs (before she carried it out), of her wanting to do harm to either him or to their precious children? What about her claims of Calyx and Beau acting out - their mouthy mouths, as she called it? 

Nearly all teenagers will occasionally display behavioral problems, as they cope with the tremendous issues that come into play, when growing up in our highly complex society. But did Parker notice these teenagers acting out issues were anyway as pronounced as Julie had observed? Or is it possible (this will require verification) that a keen teenager, the daughter Calyx, was catching on to the reality that her mom was over-the-top rubber-room-bound!

As I stated previously, the TV image of a shaking, twitching woman with blond-streaked, stringy hair, is all I have to go by. HLN might give that footage a little rest so we can all gather our wits; we need some detachment, if we`re to buy the prosecution`s argument, that this woman knew exactly what she was doing, but was so evil and so narcissistic, she does it anyway, you know, she kills her own kids execution style. 

It going to take a lot to convince me this Bird wasn`t completely daft; the drug and alcohol end of the equation is what`s mainly tipping the scales (in the direction of LOONEY TOONS) for me. It always could change, after watching the trial more carefully; however, all I can see for now is: 

Booze, Lithium, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Anti-Depressants (Klonipin?), and Anti-Anxiety pills. Who wouldn`t be knockin` on the Boys In White-Ward door? And then we have her buying a .38 handgun with no problem; what can we say about that?