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Published:May 7th, 2014 11:04 EST
Does Julie Schenecker`s Insanity Seem Clearer with Col. Parker Schenecker`s Icy Testimony?

Does Julie Schenecker`s Insanity Seem Clearer with Col. Parker Schenecker`s Icy Testimony?

By John G. Kays

UGLY, UGLY, UGLY! This is my short but sweet summary of Julie Schenecker; this includes what she did to her kids, and the way she went about doing it. Capability for objectivity has to be thrown out the window in the face of this repulsive person, who looks more like The Wicked Witch of The West (on Hillbilly Heroin) to me (than a Real Human Being), and who always has a growling snarl on her face whenever TV cameras scan across her! 

When observing her cursive writing (as shown on Nancy Grace last night), on various sticky notes, placed with precision on the family house door and on her agenda calendar, I`ve concluded Julie was and is stark raving mad as a hatter! Suck it in, breathe clean air, gulp pure java, it`ll get better...In the meantime...

I made some improvements on my homework assignment this morning, when checking out a Tampa Bay Times video of yesterday`s proceedings, in the Shaky Mom or Quivering Mom Murder Trial (as I like to call it). I believe I got through most of the ex-husband`s testimony, former Army Col. Parker Schenecker, as well as that of a very qualified firearms analyst, Rosemary Jassoy. 

Before Rosemary swore her oath, the prosecution called a fingerprint specialist, who was able to positively identify several of the defendant`s prints on this now infamous notebook (the sickly sweet confessions of a deranged woman), where a dastardly blueprint`s ink got spilled!

In any case, I didn`t see any press coverage on the firearms analyst, whereas I thought her testimony was helpful, in terms of showing us the characteristics of a brand new looking .38 caliber firearm, used by this troubled soccer mom to off her very own siblings. Just seeing this gun and hearing Rosemary Jassoy explain how it works, helps me to understand that maybe Ms Shaky Mom was fully in her right mind when she planned this whole thing out. 

The one part missing for me (this will probably get better fleshed out later in the trial) is, I want to know more about this gun-shop in Oldsmar (like its name and how they conducted a background check on Julie), and more about her claim she was merely buying it for protection from a home invasion.

Apparently, the gun provider (name not yet given) didn`t trace any of the evidence of a long history of mental illness on the part of the defendant (the Ex calls her that, so I`ll follow suit). I suppose these records are mainly in the file cabinets of the military bureaucracy, which is a pity, since the loose-goose gun-shop went ahead and okayed the .38 purchase, handing it over to a crazy lady who should`ve been straight-jacketed in a mental ward. 

This part of it has to come out in the trial, but hasn`t yet, so far. Still, I advise you to view Rosemary Jassoy`s testimony with TLC; it will open your eyes widely when you realize this twitching witch had free reign with this powerful firearm! *(All other news organizations have overlooked this significant witness).

As far as Parker Schenecker`s dispassionate testimony goes, it got plenty of press coverage; I feel as if it probably helps the defense more than it does the prosecution. Parker is Zombie-Like in his incidental way of recalling details of this entire sordid family affair.

I`m not suggesting he`s at fault, but one can sort of understand how Julie felt so down in the dumps; obviously, Parker DIDN`T LOVE THE TWITCHY WITCH ONE IOTA OF A SCINTILLA! I`m injecting humor into a situation I probably ought not to; nonetheless, Parker is one chilly pickle! Maybe he had thought out his role well beforehand; my take is, it`s a total backfire and plays in the court of the defense.

Julie and Parker - this has to be one of the oddest and most dysfunctional couples ever to emerge Modern American Society. Why did they ever get married in the first place? Parker was fully aware of Twichy`s history of mental illness, wasn`t he? He leaves for a two week trip, on a military assignment, to Afghanistan (in Jan. of 2011), seemingly satisfied that his wife would address maturely the problems she was having with their teenage daughter, Calyx. 

How could he feel that way, when he testified on the witness stand, she ignored his pleas for her to be the adult in charge of the situation. The queer way the Quivering Dervish handles it, is to drink more, drug more, then take a friendly soccer mom drive to Oldmar...