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Published:May 9th, 2014 12:07 EST

Top Five Awful Mother's Day Gifts

By Robert Paul Reyes

Husbands, play it safe on Mother`s day and get your wife flowers, chocolate or treat her out to a romantic dinner.

Mother`s Day isn`t the time to try to amaze your wife or girlfriend by giving her a whacky or unconventional gift.


Here`s a list of top five gifts not to give a woman on Mother`s Day:


A novelty gift is OK only if it`s a prelude to surprising her with a diamond ring or a new car. But if you think your wife is going to be pleased with a teddy bear, a cup that says " Moms Rule", or any such trinket, you have applesauce for brains.


Take my word for it dude, she will misinterpret you motivation.

Are you telling me I`m too fat?

Are you trying to get my out of the house so you can hook up with that tramp next door?


This gift will elicit only one response: You male chauvinist pig, I`m not having sex with you until the warranty on the washer and dryer expires.


This gift may be practical, but the woman in your life will think you are treating her like a whore.


Yeah, I know a dude would have to be mentally-challenged to buy his wife a chainsaw as a Mother`s Day gift, but guess what? Dudes are clueless.


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