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Published:May 10th, 2014 18:33 EST

Mother's Day is Also For Those of Us Who Have Lost our Mothers!

By Robert Paul Reyes

For those of us who have lost our mothers, Mother`s Day can be lonely and sad. Commercials peddling everything from cars and perfumes to chocolates and roses exploit this holiday to sell their products. Dozens of times on this day we are reminded of our painful loss.



My mother died 16 years ago, but time does little to ease the pain or the sense of loss. But I refuse to have a pity party for myself on Mother`s Day, instead I will honor my mother by reminding myself of the values she instilled in me, and examining my heart to see if I`m still being faithful to them.


I can best keep the memory of my mother alive by being true to the values she taught me. I hope there`s at least one person who thinks: Robert is as hardworking and honest as his mom.


I also reflect on the things I have accomplished since she passed away. My first essay was published by the Oakland Tribune after her death, and I can only hope that she`s in heaven pleased with the small measure of success I have achieved as a writer. My mom loved tending her garden, if fact gardening was her only hobby. Mom worked like a dog at home and at a factory, and she had precious little time or money for hobbies. I hope mom can look down on my little pink house, and smile when she sees the flowers blooming in my front yard.


You may be in my situation, longing for your mother. Do you know an elderly woman whose children seem to have forgotten about her? Go out of your way to make her feel special today, your mother would be so proud of you.


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